I hate Dallas. :(

Two weeks ago I got the call from Super P saying that he had an extra ticket to the Capitals game.  The game was versus the Stars though.  Supe’s wife, Red, is a big Stars fan.  She is 99.9% of the time one of the coolest women on the planet but not during a Caps game where she is going to be cheering for the Stars.  Luckily, Supe and I had really good seats down almost right up against the glass on the end where the Caps shoot in the 1st and 3rd periods.   Meanwhile, Red and her group of 3 sat up in their usual seats (which are pretty freaking good seats too…I mean, front row, club level and center ice are not too shabby at the Phone Booth) and you could just glance up and easily see where they were because of her lone white Dallas sweater in amongst the sea of red.

In the middle of the 1st period there was a shot that left the ice and went up into the netting.  Everyone sitting around us lost the puck in the lights and nobody knew where it went.  Then…and I shit you not…the freakin’ puck plops right down between my back and my seat.  Unfortunately, because I had Blimpie the Whale in her Parka sitting next to me, I couldn’t get my arms around to grab the puck before some punk 8 year old horked it right off of my back.  Fuckin’  Kid.  Been to countless baseball games with never a foul ball coming my way and I can’t even count the amount of hockey games with no pucks ever even close to my section…and I lose this one because Orca next to me with her third order of Nachos and her Nanook of the North parka.  Grrrr.

It was a fun game through 2 periods with the Caps up 2-0 but we just fell apart in the 3rd.  Giving up 3 straight goals to lose the lead just plain sucked.  Luckily Ovechkin got his second goal of the night to force the OT but didn’t produce anything there.   Being up close for the shootout was pretty nice though…Here is Nicky’s Goal in the shootout (and that is Supe losing his shit and shaking the hell out of me and the camera).

Unfortunately that was the only one we got.  😦  Fucking Turco and his 52 save night.

Fucking Dallas ended up winning.  So we headed down to the Capital Grille to get a post game drink and a bit to eat.  What came out of the kitchen for our table really cracked me up.  Gotta give it up for the guys in the kitchen:

Dallas does indeed suck.

Still was a fun night.  Thanks to Supe and Red for the invite.


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