I absolutely hate Pat Collins


If you live in the DC Metro area you most likely know about this complete tool.  Pat Collins is a reporter for our local NBC affiliate NBC4.  He has been around on the news here for as long as I can remember and from the first moment I saw him on TV I thought to myself, “What a complete and total douchebag.” I have no idea how he has been on the air for as long as he has because he creeps me out worse than the eyes of Sue Palka the Fox weather woman with the really freakin’ crazy eyes.  And that chick really creeps me out so that is saying something.

Mr. Collins appears to believe he is Bill Shatner when he is doing any of his news reports.  His overly dramatic delivery makes me want him…just once… to look dead into the camera and say “You…Klingon bastard….You….killed my son”.  Or even better just one long “KHAAAAN!”.  This guy really is THAT over the top on every news report he ever does.

Pat Freakin CollinsDuring our Snowpocalypse earlier this year Pat was out on some street corner all freakin’ day and night with a stupid yard stick measuring every inch as it fell from the heavens.  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad had the storm not made it impossible to go anywhere and every local channel showed nothing but storm coverage all day long for like 3 days.  This jerk-off was grabbing people as they walked by so they could do (for the 323rd time that day) another measurement of the snowfall.

“Why yes Pat, there is about another 1/4 of an inch since you did this 5 minutes ago”


I was watching the news just a bit ago and Pat came on to give some report from somewhere about something and I swear this guy thinks the entire viewing audience is hanging on his every word.  After every report this guy files they should have that Drama Chipmunk pop up on the screen.

Am I alone in my hatred of this guy?

Oh and for those of you who don’t know who he is…here is one of his “reports” that i found….you be the judge.  And yeah, I know this is a really crappy quality video but I think it really illustrates just how douchey this guy can be.


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120 responses to “I absolutely hate Pat Collins

  1. Allen

    I just saw this guy on the 5pm news and googled him. My first thought was, “How the hell is this guy on the air?” I found two links, one person saying he’s a great reporter and yours. The first person is obviously nuts, so I went to your blog. Excellent observation.

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  3. On a recent trip to DC I saw him reporting on a case of road rage. I thought it was a joke. I thought his entire piece was a sketch. He is a crazy person.

  4. Stephar

    I hate him so much! I used to date the news producer years ago, I asked him why pat Collins still had a job. He told me Pat Collins was number one in the 65+ viewer age range…

  5. Chris

    Its not nice to make fun of retards.

  6. David

    Yeah this guy needs to go. Even people up north don’t speak that slow and dramatic.

  7. LillyBunny

    LMAO I work from home, and I’ve got NBCWash on in the background. On comes…you guessed it…Pat Collins. My nerves went into overdrive and I decided to google “I hate Pat Collins.” Guess whose hit was the first?


    No, my friend. You are NOT alone. My husband and I loathe this craptastic farce of a newsperson. Please, people…put this delusional critter out to pasture. Better yet, stick a fork in him. He’s done.

    • I know, right. I dread it when I hear the other news casters getting all excited when they are getting ready to go to this idiot. I have to wonder, does every major metro area have one of these tools on their newscasts?

      • Anonymous

        Pat is in RARE form this week- all sorts of new and annoying tactics… I just keep thinking that his videographer must be like.. “dude, really? REALLY? ok… lets just do this and get it over with.. and 5-4-3-2… douche!”

      • I don’t know why I watch him. I guess maybe it is just to throw a little fire on my hatred to make sure it keeps burning. But when he comes on the TV I stop what I am doing and sit there watching and fuming. One of these days….hopefully during a big snow storm where he is outside doing his “man on the street” bullshit….I am gonna try to get out there and have him interview me just so I can tell him how much of a douche he is on live tv. Mark my words.

  8. Theresa

    I have to push the mute button and not look at the TV….really cannot tolerate Pat Collins!. While I’m at it, another one that needs to go is Willard Scott! I’m sure he is a nice man, but enough already!

    • I am with you on the Willard Scott thing too. Guy creeps me out…way to happy all the time. I know this is my own issue, but I picture Willard sitting at home…covered in Smuckers grape jelly…and masturbating to pictures of women over 100. I know, sick…and I can never pick up a jar of Smuckers at the store now either.

  9. splatpig

    I think Megan McGrath interned with Pat Collins earlier in her career.

  10. Anonymous

    OMG…I am cracking up. I freaking LOATHE Pat Collins AND Willard Scott!!! And the bug eye comment about Sue Palka made me spit my coffee out. Another scary one is Babs Harrison. I used to see her in person at the Guapo’s in DC…scaaaaaaaaarry.

    • PCF

      I am glad I am not alone! I hate Pat Collins and cannot stand the stupid Smuckers segments on the Today Show ! I wonder how these two manage to stay on the air for so long.

  11. Oh, I detest Barbara Harrison too. Her Wednesday’s Child segments are just unwatchable and I sometimes find myself rooting against those poor kids getting adopted. I change the channel when she is on the screen faster than I do when that damn Sarah Mclachlan SPCA commercial comes on.

  12. lori

    I was so annoyed by this guy that I wrote to the station. The reponse I got back basically said, “piss off, he’s a well-respected icon.” I now just watch a different channel because I can’t stomach his reports. I totally love this post! It’s nice to know you’re not alone. Now I must google the other oddballs mentioned here…

  13. JT

    OMG you are so not alone!! I totally hate this guy!! I even hear his creepy stupid voice I turn to the channel to the Simpsons!!
    GOD he is so annoying!!!
    Thanks for putting this website up, cause I thought I was the only one that hated this freaking douche bag!!!

  14. Anonymous

    It’s hard to believe that he’s still on the air. I may be over 65 (see earlier comment on his popularity with that demographic), but Channel 4 better not be hanging on to him on my account! What’s with the overly dramatic delivery? Only Shamari Stone comes close in annoying me.

    • I can’t stand Shamari either. He has obviously been brought in to be Collins’ successor. We joke about “The Shamari Lean” when he is on the screen. Every time he wants to emphasize a word he leans towards the camera. And he leans a lot.

  15. Ava

    I hate his reports! They drive me crazy! He really thinks he’s all that…argh, he’s so annoying!! I hate his pauses…ugh

  16. Anonymous

    it will be great when someone reports on his funeral

  17. Glenn

    I completely and totally agree that Pat Collins is awful. I literally change the channel when he reports for Channel 4 news. His overly silly dramatic style is so over the top I can’t imagine how he keeps his job.

  18. Cracked Pot

    Maybe he has incriminating photos of Jim and Doreen together …with a goat …. and a “little person” …. and Justin Bieber.

    • While I don’t doubt he has those photos laying around somewhere…I doubt they are with Vance. That man is just too cool to be involved in that situation.

  19. Nick

    I like his reports. I think they’re funny. Like someone’s kinda-nutty grandpa.

    What’s with all the hate? Maybe because it’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and blast people anonymously, in a weird attempt to sound funny. How sad.

    • It is my blog. It is my hate. And I am not the least bit anonymous on here.

      The fact that you like his reports immediately invalidates your opinion, Nick. Tell you what, Nick, why don’t you leave your full name and address and possibly a phone number here so that you can prove your superiority and not hide behind the anonymity that is the intarwebz.

    • Hate may be to strong a word. How about INTENSE DISLIKE? The guy is horrible and has no business on a major city’s news team. Did you ever see him dressed up as banana man or when he interviewed someone dressed as a bunch of grapes?

  20. Richard E. McCarthy

    I was unfortunate enough to see and hear this tool report on the RideOn bus that slammed into someone’s house. I was waiting in the customer lounge for my car to be repaired, and NBC 4 was running their two hours of news in the late afternoon. I had to listen to that asshat’s ‘report’ THREE TIMES! His theartics are one thing, but when he had the cameraman move the camera up-and-down and from side-to-side to indicated a yes or no response…well, that reminded me of why I don’t watch that stupid newscast anymore.

    Here is a story of where someone could have easily been killed, and he’s yammering and jumping around like some idiotic thespian.

    Tell you what Pat, you want to act? Join a frickin’ community theatre. But then again, maybe he has tried already, and they rejected him.

    News 4 is complete garbage. Turn it off!

  21. I just literally googled “why is pat collins so dramatic” and your page popped up. I completely agree with you all. This guy is so outrageous “ALL OF THE TIME”. 9/14/12 He’s doing a story on “brazen criminals” who walked into a Saks Fifth type store and walked out with a bunch of purses. But let Pat Collins tell it, it’s The Worst Crime that has EVER happened!!! I personally don’t hate the guy he just really cracks me up lol. But it’s definitely a wonder that he still has a job.

  22. haters gonna hate

    he’s won 10 emmy’s and even served a year in vietnam according to his bio…haters gonna hate. personally, i find him funny. if you watch him expecting a normal boring report, then that’s like leaving the house on a rainy day without an umbrella and getting angry at the rain.

    • Easy now

      He’s not trying to be funny. If you are watching him for a laugh, you are making fun of his “craft.” Does that make you better, or more kind, than those of us who find his reporting style annoying? I think not.

    • I would have no problem with this guy if all he did was cover fluff pieces (like Snowpocalypse, Dog Shows, the launch of an iProduct) but they use him for serious news. There was a guy murdered in the house right behind my own a while back and he comes out to do the report. If they want to cover actual news then they should send an actual reporter and not this Wannabe Improv comedian on loan from the retirement communities.

      • Ross

        I understand people that are not fans of Pat Collins but you have to recognize the genius too. He is making a mockery of the boring normal news reporters of the world…when you watch him through that lens then you will understand. Like an earlier post stated, if you are expecting a Walter Cronkite then you will be disappointed. I, like most, find Pat Collins during a snow storm about as annoying as it gets. That is his job, I don’t blame that on him. I blame that on the network putting him on a corner with a yard stick for ten straight hours. In a busy city with a bunch of stuck up blow hard squares he is a breath of fresh air.

      • Anonymous

        Amen ! Today was Pat’s pièce de résistance, an especially animated report on a house sitter being attacked by a dog ! It was hideously hilarious !

  23. Hate, loathe?.
    Do all of you people have broken remote controls?
    First time I’ve stumbled your site. Wish I had missed it.

  24. Manny

    I LIKE Pat Collins. I find his deliveries of the news to be entertaining. FYI, he’s dramatic on purpose. He does feature stories. Everyone else in the studio seems to be in on the joke. Maybe you’re just to serious. Hate is a strong word and I could never hate an adorable old man

    • Easy now

      Then you have clearly stumbled upon the wrong page.

    • blake

      He did a story about a young girl being abducted and raped with the same sensational dramatics. He always annoyed me but that story was the end for me. I can’t watch anymore.

    • Unfortunately, I doubt if he’s trying to be entertaining. There are times when Collins’ story is over and Vance is just staring at the screen and thinking, “Why is this joke this here?”

      I just adopted a cat and she saw Collins for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She said, “If he ever does a story on cats, we’re suing.”

  25. Even though I love pat Collins, I completely understand why you don’t like him. What is amusing to one person is irritating to another.

  26. matt

    I love to hate Pat Collins. Does that make sense?

  27. Drayven

    I’ve been laughing at him for years and lately he has been wearing these silly Panama Jack hats, earning the name Panama Pat from me… he really is way over the top and I usually turn the channel when he comes one now. I loved the Shatner reference since both over-act at about the same level. How is it that Paul Berry and Renee Pusant are long gone but this guy is still around???

  28. Kathleen

    I JUST found this blog, and I just have to say Bravo!!! My husband and I have lived in Merry Land for 5 years, and we’ve been wondering about this guy from the beginning. I think he believes he’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist!!! His mellow-dramatic delivery is laughable, but until reading this, I hadn’t thought of Shatner. That’s brilliant!!! Thanks for this!!!

  29. Anonymous

    How does he have 10 Emmy awards?!?! He’s atrocious.

  30. Weird Al

    He is totally obnoxious and I have to admit I don’t change the channel when he appears because I’m afraid he’ll let me down and actually sound decent. The inflections in his voice are more than odd. He must think he’s good to listen to but he’s not. Time to retire Pat Collins, sorry bud.
    PS-Your Star Trek comments are hilarious!

  31. Anonymous

    Four years later and I stumbled on this this blog – and please (as someone who was a victim of his interviews) let me add – total jackass. I love the Shatner reference. I was always thinking of the old SNL skit – “ACTING!!” “Thank you!” Ham ham ham!!

  32. Chad

    Just came across this blog as well, because of how ridiculous Pat Collins is. He is the literal worst!

  33. Anonymous

    About 10 years ago I was at work when the bank downstairs from my office was robbed. I was interviewed by this asshat and then he very creepily invited me to check out the news van. No thank you, Mr. Collins, NO thank you. Add total creeper to the list.

  34. Mase

    Coming from another area and watching Pat Collins my first reaction was why is he so dramatic and over the top in his delivery. It takes some time to get used to after mostly have boring news casters with little or no personality. Pat has a job bc people enjoy the flair..

    After reading your posting and seeing your photo I understand why the hate..some people have nothing better to do than to spew negative about someone else. I’m sure it would be easy to poke fun at you and belittle you but that would accomplish nothing you have to live with yourself and that is punishment enough.

    Pat Collins vs OMB..no contest.

    • I love the people that hike up their pants and wade into the waters while hiding behind the anonymity of the intarwebz. So kudos to you Mase for being a brave soul, you showed me. Because of you I will totally change my ways. I will weave flowers into my hair and sing songs of peace and joy all the live long day. I will stop judging others lest you judge me.

      So thanks again, the rainbows and puppies that shot out of you ass convinced me of the error of my ways.

      • Mase

        Glad I could help, it would be to easy to poke fun at one such as yourself. Your brilliant writing style has all of 7 followers..let me guess mom grandma and few buddies from school. Some of us have better things to do and women to keep us company.

        Im enjoying watching Pat Collins now with his snow stick.

      • Lori

        You have commented twice, now. What does that say about you? Feel free to shove the snow stick…

        Pat Collins is a tool, and the fact that you are a fan just proves it.

      • Apparently I now have 8. My Mom, My Grandma, a few buddies and now this douche.

  35. Carl Moore

    And here I thought I was the only one who loathed him. I immediately change the channel when he’s on. He was actually doing a story on a child molester this evening in his over-the-top inappropriate style.

  36. Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate, especially conservative single-minded republicans who can’t take a joke 🙂

    • Thank you very much. Really, thanks for stopping by and really cheering up my day. The fact that you pulled “conservative single-minded republican” from any of what I wrote brought the laughter with great success. Taking a joke has always been one of my issues too so thanks for pointing that out. Enjoy the weather. Fuckin’ tool.

  37. GRE

    I have a really weird thing about Pat Collins… My fiance and I joke all the time about how he’s the most “hard-hitting” reporter NBC4 has and he covers the “REAL” issues (we’ve all seen that grape suit video…) and while he is incredibly strange and awkward, he is always good for a laugh. Just not good for a serious breaking news broadcast, which unfortunately is his job. Perhaps The Onion should hire him?
    Funny post, sir, and PRICELESS comment section!

  38. Anonymous

    I found your blog by googling “I hate Pat Collins”, so kudos! He is a right bell-end, and I would like to take him by his chubby shoulders and shake him until his eyes roll around in his head like BBs in a matchbox. SUCH a twat!

  39. John

    Tonight was the final straw.. I finally had to search to see if I was alone in wondering why the hell this guy is still on the air. Glad to see that I am not.

    How they could have Jim Nance and this fool on the same broadcast is beyond me…

  40. Anonymous

    He is terrible!

  41. Anonymous

    He is the very worst on TV and we always put the news on mute when he comes on. Glad to see that we are not alone!!!

  42. Kaitlin

    I just found this blog when I googled Pat Collins… He apparently has been a crime reporter and local news reporter with other stations… I seriously think he took Nancy Grace School of ??? 101… Just a tad melodramatic…unfortunately it diminishes the point of his ‘newscast’… But we do need levity at times…hope that belt keeps holding those pants up.

  43. Just Me

    To the people who are shocked that this guy has a job, look at this clip of his actual colleagues. It never ceases to bring tears to my eyes.

  44. Minawreck

    Anyone who hates Pat Collins takes life and news reporting WAY too seriously.

  45. Jen

    He AND his family are useless assholes. I’ve had the misfortune of living next to both his son Mike and daughter Sally and lost count of the times they got into drunken violent brawls in the middle of the night. Mike Collins is a con artist, drug dealer, and the most incompetent painter/handyman to ever drop a hammer. His daddy pays big bucks getting him out of trouble with the law for his regular DUIs and assaults – funny he doesn’t mention them when he covers crime. Sally is a skanky bar-ho and is a truly unpleasant person.

  46. Pablo

    The dude is a freak. Every time I see him I want to say “what the hell is you problem?!!

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  48. Marie

    He just gave another nauseating report. He was soaked with sweat stains on this humid summer day. Lovely to see on TV. So professional. He’s fat too. Don’t newscasters get free gym memberships and nutrition counseling?

  49. Samantha

    just watched him butcher the papal visit and had to google my hatred for him just to make sure i’m (still) not alone. he’s good for a laugh, until you seriously start to wonder how and why he’s allowed on the air. he’s a joke. i hate him, and i can find the humor in almost anything. HES NOT A REPORTER. WHY IS HE A REPORTER. i blame whoever’s in charge of personality for nbc4 for allowing him to make a mockery of news reporting. makes me wish i’d gone to broadcasting school, climbed the ranks of nbc4 and become the head of the program so *I* could FINALLY FIRE HIS DUMB ASS.

  50. Roger

    YOU’RE THE ASSHAT!!!! Pat Collins works harder than you ever will in your shitty little life. He’s one of the most respected journalists in the business. He wins award after award for his coverage. Have YOU won awards or gotten national recognition for your work?? eat dirt.

  51. Wes

    You are way too critical! Yes, I agree, he can make an inch of snow sound like the Kennedy Assasination, but he strikes me as much more human tnat the self-important Newsies on air. (Hello, Brian Williams.) I have grown to like the guy. You ought to let the gentle force that is Pat Collins work its way on you…

    Fun fact: He has won TEN Emmys!

  52. Tapper

    I am almost legally retarded. I like how slow he speaks. It helps me follow. I enjoy how by the time he’s done with his live report I’ve already read about the same story in the paper.

  53. Anonymous

    Yes, you are alone!!! My husband and I appreciate his humor, especially during snow storms. We love his unique style!! Everyone has their own opinion so guess I will agree to disagree with your post!

    • Yep, I am totally alone. That is why a blog post from 6 years ago blows up every time there is any sighting of this guy on News4. It really is hilarious to me that if/when your dumb-ass googled “Pat Collins” my little blog post is still right up there at the top of that search because people, like you, keep on visiting this stupid blog. Keep it up!

  54. Lori

    He’ll be out in full force with his snow stick for the next couple of days. If that was the only news they let him report I could make peace with it, but they actually let that tool report on real tragedy and that is not ok with me. He makes a mockery of very serious situations, like violent crime.

  55. Pat Collins dad

    i’m watching him with only hope that somebody will beat him up with his stick live from nbc… and ask him with two hands high in the air following each word ” why soooooo dramatic?” Lets check how far this stick will go this year up to his..

  56. Poopy Long-Stocking

    I just saw him for the first time, his delivery was so out-of-place that I stopped and turned up the TV and tried to figure out if something was wrong with him. After 10 minutes of research, nope, this is just Pat being Pat. He barks out the first part of a sentence with too much enthusiasm to sound credible, stops just long enough to make you uncomfortable thinking he lost his place, and then finishes the sentence in an anti-climatic, muted trail-off that has no relation to the way he set it up. In fact, the way he ends his sentences isn’t enough to make you totally sure he didn’t just have a fugue midway through.

    What’s impressive is that the way he does this in any context makes it sound like he has no idea what he’s about to say and is only finding out after he reads it out loud to us.

  57. LoveMe

    Love Pat he is entertaining. You are a bunch of people with hateful souls stop doing the Devils work you demons!

    • Team Devil! We even have uniforms and everything

    • Lori

      You just reinforced my earlier point, so thanks for that. Serious news isn’t supposed to be entertainment. He’s a damn drama queen. Team Devil!

    • LoveMe

      To hate someone just because they annoy you is just slow he may actually be a good person living in hate is just so negative and a lot of work. On that note I rebuke in the name of Jesus! I’m just happy I don’t live your hateful lives positivity is the way to go!

      • Rebuking in the name of Jesus sounds exhausting. How do you still have the energy to spread “the word” after a day of rebuking. I loves that word: rebuke. Rebuke. REBUKE!! Yep, exhausting. Go thump that bible at someone that gives a shit.

    • LoveMe

      I have all the time in the world sorry your so unhappy. God bless you! I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. Love me!

  58. Anonymous

    Pat Collins is to pseudo journalism as Dick Vitale is to announcing basketball games- loud; obnoxious; irrelevant; and self serving. One of my greatest fears is dying in some sort of news worthy event and this jerk does the coverage!

  59. Anonymous

    So much hate! Unbelievable!!!

  60. Anonymous

    It is PAINFUL to sit through his broadcasts, I’ve always felt that nbc4 just doesn’t have the balls to fire him after so many years…It’s comforting to know I’m not alone…

  61. Anonymous

    i can’t stand this guy. i saw him do a report on the string of sexual assaults in arlington and it was revolting the way he was speaking about such a serious issue.

  62. Anonymous

    so nice to hear that others feel the same about this man’s ability to report on news. Don’t hate him as a human – just hate the awfulness of his inability to report and tell stories.

  63. Veronica Tejada

    If you hate him so much why waste your time writing about him? Must be something that attracts you about him…

  64. Anonymous

    I was just googling “How old is Pat Collins” in hopes that we will soon be celebrating his retirement. He keeps on kicking … and making a mockery of any news story he covers. Time to say Bye Bye Pat!

  65. hoda

    Pat Collins Neck loos like a womans V– he looks like fat bastard from Austin Powers

  66. Lol

    Pat Collins for President in 2020.

  67. Anonymous

    Pat Collins is annoying as one can be.

  68. KWoo

    Pat Collins is like Willard Scott. Total Douche Nozzle. At the end of Willard’s career, he would do the smuckers 100 year old birthday announcements and it looked like he could not give a damn. I get the same vibe from Pat Collins. NBC sent him to Vegas dressed in a jump suit decorated to look like Elvis. He looked like an idiot. NBC execs were just trying to get him away from DC. He needs to retire.

  69. Mindy Scango

    I really LOVE this.
    While an old email, this sums up how I’ve always felt about Pat Collins.
    He is such a jerk, especially reporting horrific news. Must make victims’ families cringe.

  70. Your Momma

    Whoever wrote this is a pussy ass little bitch.

    You have no soul, you fucktwat.

  71. Oh, I’ve got one for ya!! You want to see a real freak news reporter? Go over to NewsChannel8 and WJLA in the morning and watch Jessob Reisbeck. Complete and total nut job! I had to stop watching.

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