WTF Brits?!?! IPhone Voted the 8th Most Important Invention of All Time…Seriously?


Better than the crapper and the car. 😦

From a study performed by Tesco Mobile, the IPhone is a hell of a lot more important to Brits than I would have thought. They “studied” 4,000 Brits and came up with a list of 100 of the Greatest Inventions and the IPhone came in 8th.


This is right behind Penicillin (7) and right before the Flushing Toilet (9) and the Internal Combustion Engine (10). So apparently Brits don’t want to be sick but don’t mind shitting in a hole in the floor or riding around in a horse-drawn carriage as long as they have their freakin’ IPhone to play with all their apps. The Shoe doesn’t even make the list until 30. Maybe there is an IShoe app.

I don’t use an IPhone so am I missing out? Is it really more important to us than 92 other things on that list of 100?

I guess the IPhone is the best thing since sliced bed…literally. Sliced Bread is #70.  It really scares me what would be on that list if this was done in the good ole US of A.


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