Goodbye LOST


LOST Last Supper

The Last LOST

Dear LOST,

Thank you.

I tried thinking of some much more profound way of expressing my gratitude but couldn’t come up with anything.

No other show has ever had me sitting and discussing every little detail with friends and coworkers like you did. I still remember those early days of the first season where I would get to work on Thursdays and we would all gather around one cubicle and dissect your episode from the previous night. We would all have our theories and none of them would be the same. I really do believe part of your brilliance was bringing out the creativity in your viewers week after week as we all tried to figure you out. Before we knew it the whole first part of our day was gone and we had done little to no work as we browsed forums, searched for clues and looked for any little bit of evidence to support our theories. None of us ever got any closer to the “truth” but we sure had fun trying.

I have stuck with you through thick and thin and enjoyed every one of your stories. Sure, I know you kind of got a bit off track during seasons three and four and you “lost” some of your fans. That’s ok. It happens. But you came back strong in seasons five and six and appear to be going out with a bang.

I am going to miss Hurley‘s “Duuuude”.

I am going to miss Sawyer‘s nicknames.

I am going to miss Kate.  Oh yummy Kate.

I am going to miss Sayid saving the day. (SAYIIIID!)

I am going to miss Locke and his faith and NotLocke and his kick-assery.

I am going to miss Ben and his big and demented brain.

I am going to miss the flashbacks, flash-forwards and even the flash-sideways.

And yes, I am even gonna miss Jack as he prepares to take over the role of Island Guardian.

It has been a good run for you and I approach tonight with excitement mixed with a bit of sadness. I really don’t think there will be another like you.

Thanks again.

NotLocke Needs Your Help

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