July 4th Party on the Potomac

Happy Birthday USA

P and Red

Another year and another great party thrown by P and Red down on the shores of the Potomac.  Our two little party planners really do a great job of getting everyone together and making sure everyone has a great time.  I am sure that none of us thanks them quite enough for all that they do….like getting up and to the spot before 9am to make sure the rest of us have a place to hang out..by the water and in the shade…for the festivities.  Thanks for letting the rest of us sleep in and  wander in on our own schedules….I know Deb and I really appreciate it.

It was another year of temperatures that will melt the soles off your shoes as you make your way down to the party spot.  We took a cab down as close as we could get and then legged it the rest of the way.  It wouldn’t have been a bad walk except for the 80 lbs of ice and drinks in the cooler that I was dragging along behind me.  At 2:30 in the afternoon with the temperature around 95° it wasn’t a bit of fun.  I was really glad that I brought extra shirts with me.

Deb and I had mixed up 2 gallons of White Sangria the night before and we wasted no time in breaking that stuff out once we arrived.  They really turned out AWESOME.  If you are interested in the recipe you can find it here.  The stuff was light and sweet and ice cold and you couldn’t have possibly asked for a better drink on such a hot day.  By the end of the night, except for I think one other person we drank both gallons of the Sangria between the two of us.  We were pretty well done by the end of the night.


The usual cast of characters for any of the parties thrown by P and Red were all there.  Luckily, for all of us, Red’s friend Chad made it to the party from Chicago.  This guy is definitely the life of the party.  When you don’t have Hicks at your party you need someone to take up the slack…and Chad really didn’t disappoint.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite as much of a character as this guy.

My hated rival Megan

Cliff and Cat brought Megan with them again this year and I really want to thank them for that (and btw…when you read that last sentence I hope it was dripping with sarcasm…because that is how it was intended).  For the last 2+ years I had a winning streak going at both horseshoes and ladderball.  I was unstoppable.  A force to be reckoned with.  There wasn’t anyone that could even come close to beating me at either game…until Sunday.  Megan, Cliff’s 13 year old daughter, destroyed me not just once…but in three straight games.  Talk about a blow to your ego.  I was even talking shit the whole time to try and make her miss her shots but nothing would phase her.  I am ashamed to have been so totally thrashed by someone who probably is way into Justin Bieber.  Damn you Cliff.

Being sneaky

Even though the area we are partying in is a National Park and both open flames and open containers are strictly forbidden…we don’t let that stop us.  Red brings her “prison grills” and gets them all fired up and the hamburgers start getting pumped out right around the start of the sunset.  But this isn’t without a lot of sneakiness.  P and Red both had the timing of the passing Park Rangers down like they were Steve McQueen trying to escape a Nazi POW camp.  They even had a team of people trying to fan the smoke away from our area….but seriously…it wasn’t


really working.  It was starting to look like our area was participating in the “Legalize it” party that was on the other side of the bridge.  Red was able to cook up most of the burgers before the Rangers descended on our camp.  I honestly think that at least one of those rangers was just looking for a bribe.  Really, click the picture.   Do you think she would pass up a burger…or two?  They did make Red put out the flames but didn’t issue a citation…so at least they were cooler than they had to be.  Thanks ladies.

Such a great place to watch from

We were all pretty well loaded and well fed by the time the fireworks rolled around.  It is amazing how quiet everyone gets when the fireworks kick in.  It is almost like “church quiet” all around you.  At one point I wanted to say something to Deb, who was sitting right beside me, so I leaned over and whispered it to her.  Afterwards I was thinking to myself about how wierd it was that I just did that.  It is pretty strange how reverent everyone gets when the fireworks are blazing up the night sky though.

Who dat?

As soon as the last rocket’s red glare dwindles off into smoke the exodus starts.  People start scrambling back to their cars or to the Metro to get home.  Last year we tried for the metro and just missed them closing the gates.  So we had to call a cab and wait…and wait…and wait.  We didn’t make it home (home being probably about a mile or two away) until 3am.  This year we decided to hang around and get a ride home from some of the other party goers.  Luckily we did stick around too because in doing so I didn’t feel nearly as drunk as I should have.  It is funny how you feel strangely sober when someone else is the one trying to go swimming in the nasty Potomac.  Sure, she said she just wanted to put her foot in the water…but that never leads to anywhere good.

It was yet another great party with some really good people.

Thanks again P and Red for a great time.


Thanks to everyone that came out for making the hot day really enjoyable.

Thanks to Megan for humbling me.

Thanks to Deb’s Aunt J and Uncle B for that cramped and adventurous ride home.

And thanks to Deb for another great year, making that marvelous Sangria and all the bacon.

Happy 234th Uncle Sam…may you enjoy many, many more.

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6 responses to “July 4th Party on the Potomac

  1. P & Red

    Commentary such as this will perpetuate these events as often as possible my friend!
    P and Red

  2. megan dow

    You guys are incredible! You never cease to amaze us with your super good time and party talents!! 🙂 Thank you both for being great friends and for bringing us all together. LOVE! xoxo

  3. Cuz

    Awww…great blog! So sorry to have missed. 😦 It makes me want to be there every year now! I was there in spirit…especially after being there last year! Cheers!

  4. Chad Sheasley

    AWWWW…. That’s awfully nice of you to say… As I am sitting here brushing my hair I’m saying aloud.. “they like me, they really like me!” Ha!! It was a blast, can’t wait until Halloween!!!

  5. David & Francis

    Notice how he fails to mention the GAY guy (knocking his @*$# in the dirt in ladder ball)
    It couldn’t have been anymore fun,especially with ole Barney Fife coming by to break things up( thank goodness for those park rangers).
    Pat and Amber,Fran and I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to join in with the party and meet your family and friend’s.We are usually in Maine every 4th,but decided to go later in the month so this invite was so welcomed.It was ,as usual when mr & mrs L throw a pary, a blast.
    There was Gladys night(aka Chad) allthough missing her Pips,but that didn’t stop her from lip synching some amazing Patsy cline…….cudos.
    Also both your parent’s,such nice folk’s,and it amuses me that I seem to be known now as “hey it’s Elvis”…….
    It was nice to see all the familiar faces and my appologies for the wife moving in…..ha,ha (thank god for Pat’s lil red wagon).
    Thank’s again and we’ll see you at Halloween.
    Love D&F

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