You will be rewarded handsomely if you find it.

Today’s Plinky topic is to describe something you have lost that you want back. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that the one thing I miss most is my youth. The only problem is that I have no idea where I lost it. One day I just kinda woke up and realized it was gone. Every once in a while I search for it again but I always seem to come up just short. The thing about your youth…it is never where you think you left it so searching where you thought it was never really comes back with the results you were hoping to find.

Sometimes I try searching for it in movies I watched as a kid. It is always fun to go back and watch those movies from the 80s and reminisce. To see those crazy styles from the decade of my teens…those crazy hairstyles (oh yes, I had the mullet), the terrible neon and pastel clothes with the popped collars and the pegged jeans. How the memories flood back as I watch those movies. Just this weekend I watched a classic from the 80s: Fletch. I have seen this movie easily a hundred times and it is definitely one of my favorites. But shortly after watching Fletch I watched an episode of the NBC comedy “Community”. Chevy Chase goes from being the cool hero to being an old man in the matter of hours. And then I just start feeling old again. So searching for my youth in the movies didn’t quite work.

Sometimes I search from my youth in music. The other day I was bouncing through the stations on my car radio when I came across Guns N Roses. I pumped up the volume and was cruising around blasting Paradise City. It wasn’t until the song was over and the bumper for the radio station came on that I realized I was on a classic rock station. At first I kind of chuckled because someone was considering this classic rock. Then I thought about it. Appetite for Destruction came out in 1987. 23 years ago?!? When I was in high school I listened to the classic rock stations all the time and the music on there wasn’t 23 years old. So instead of finding my youth I just felt even older.

Then there are the times I go searching for my youth at a party. Sometimes this is the closest I get to finding it too. After hours of laughing and drinking, chatting and other non-specific tom-foolery I feel like that same kid that was doing this 20 years ago. But then the party ends and I go home. I used to be able to drink for a couple of days straight and still go out rock climbing, playing sports or even just moving from the couch in general. Now it takes my body several days to fully recover from one night of drinking. For example, I drank quite a bit on Sunday (It being the 4th of July and all). It is now Tuesday and, for reason for which I am not totally sure, my body is still and aching mess. My legs hurt, my right shoulder hurts (that one I can probably explain by the 80lb cooler I had to drag around) and for some reason my hips are killing me. I can manage the typical hangover symptoms now to the point where I don’t have the headaches of the nausea but my body just completely rebels on me. The recovery time is just nowhere near where it used to be. So damn it all but I just can’t find my youth there either.

I am now in my late thirties and for the life of me I can’t figure out how I got here. I wish I knew where the time went and how I could get some of it back. If anyone does happen to find my lost youth I would handsomely reward you for it’s return.


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