Revisiting Lost: “Paulo Lies!”

After six seasons of being glued to the television whenever a new episode of Lost was on I have slowly started to come out of my withdrawals.  So, with no new episodes of Lost to look forward to ever again, I decided to go back and rewatch the entire series starting from the beginning.  It really was an amazing show and it is almost better going through and rewatching.  This time around I am not obsessed with every little detail or trying to theorize on where the showing is going from minute to minute.  And I really did forget the pure awesomeness of those first two seasons.


I am into the third season now and I had totally forgot about the characters of Nikki and Paulo.  I remember back when they first showed up how annoyed I was with the introduction of these two and how they felt so forced on the viewer and just unwanted.  Every time they were on the screen throughout the first 13 episodes of the season I remember being confused.  I was confused because I was torn between “Get these two OFF MY SCREEN!!!” and “OMG Nikki is smokin’ hot…more more more”.  I still am not quite sure what the producers were thinking when adding these two to the show, especially when they chose to do so.  The characters were already split into two groups (The ones still on the beach and the ones captured by The Others) and the episodes would bounce between them from week to week.  So one week you would be with Jack, Kate and Sawyer and find yourself immersed in their captivity…but then you would have to wait two weeks to see them again as the next episode would revolve around the rest of the Losties.  So adding Nikki and Paulo just took more time away from the main characters and it always seemed like every second counted.

But then came Season 3, Episode 14:  “Exposé“.

This is really a standout episode in the entire series for me and would be easily in my top 5 episodes of the entire run of the show.  And strangely enough, the episode was all about Nikki and Paulo and centered on both their backstory and their demise.  The episode was very Twilight Zone-ish and very neatly disposed of and wrapped up the storyline of both characters. Everything from how they reshot several scenes from the series (to include the initial crash of Oceanic 815) to include Nikki and Paulo to the bumbling Hugo and his misheard “dying” words, “Paulo Lies” from Nikki really drew me in and had me on the edge of my seat.  And it was all done in the 42 minutes that is one episode…a veritable impossibility from the writers of this show.

The last couple of minutes of this episode are probably my favorite overall from the entire series.  Even though I had seen the episode previously, those last few minutes had me with my breath caught in my throat this time around too.

I highly recommend going back and watching this episode if you have the DVDs (or if you have Netflix, all 4 seasons can be streamed).

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