Romance is in the air…through WIFI.

So it is Friday and you have that special someone coming over to your place tonight to “hang out” on the couch.  Want to add a little romance to your night?  Get that bottle of wine out, set it next to the laptop on the coffee table and follow the steps below for an instant romantic atmosphere:

  1. Set the laptop up so it easily viewable from the comfort of your couch.
  2. Open three tabs on your web browser of choice.
  3. Open this link in the first tab.
  4. Open this link in the second tab.
  5. Open this link in the third tab and then maximize this tab to be full screen.

Don’t blame me if you get laughed at can called a cheeseball though….it isn’t my fault if you choose to follow any of my ridiculous advice.  And hell, it isn’t even really my advice.  I just stole it from here.  Blame this guy!

And if you open these tabs while you are at work and people start to gather around your computer and start making out….you only have yourself to blame.  Consider yourself warned.

Have a good weekend.

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