The Redskins Season Opener 2010

Last night was perfect weather for a football game and the Skins pulled out the win against the hated Cowboys.  Ok, so the win wasn’t the prettiest in the world but it was still a win.  And a win against Dallas is perfect…no matter how you come by it.  The victory is almost better, for me, because Dallas shot themselves in the foot and killed their chances to win this game over and over with penalties and that costly turnover at the end of the first half.

The game was a nailbiter at the end and I don’t think there was a single Skins fan in the stadium that felt safe when there was 3 seconds left and the Cowboys were on the doorstep.  Especially when, after converting on 4th and 10, a fog started rolling over the top of the stadium and slowly started flowing down towards the field.  It was really creepy.

We didn’t get an offensive touchdown and we blew a couple of key plays that could have put the game out of reach but thankfully Dallas did not capitalize on the mistakes.  Freakin’ LJ running out of bounds with 2:30 left in the game instead of falling to the turf was a really big mistake that could have come back to haunt the team.  And Hall laying on the field “hurt” and giving the Cowboys a free timeout down the stretch and then just popping up to move to the sideline really didn’t help.  Seriously DeAngelo, you had better be injured at that point in the game to lay on the field like that.   The fact that you popped right up after you stopped the clock for an injury timeout really could have cost the team the game.  Dallas wouldn’t have had that last timeout to burn with 3 seconds left if you had just crawled the 8 feet to the sideline.

But a win is a win….and the whole night was a blast, check it out:

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2 responses to “The Redskins Season Opener 2010

  1. Hey great blog you got here! Keep up the great work. I think that the Redskins showed a lot in the first game of the season even though the numbers may not have shown it. The offence could have finished some of their drives and the O-line was very solid. The offence probably could use some more time to become accustomed to their new quarterback but those things take time. The defence was just stellar IMO. I think a lot of signs point to good things for the new look Washington Redskins. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I would really love to hear your opinion on my thoughts.

  2. P & Red

    What a slow game but such an outstanding finish! Whenever we beat those Cowboys doesn’t the sun always seems to shine a little bit brighter? Great job on the video bro! Watching the stairwell walk really made me wish I was there lol. Looked to be more like a European soccer match but than again them Cowboys bring out the uber fan in us all! Oh, and we loved the way you shit-talked the 5′ blonde LOL. Great job. Undefeated – Go Skins!

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