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Ripley and A Murder of Crows

Poor Ripley had a rough week.  With the introduction of the new kitten, Newt, this week, she has been a bundle of raw nerves all week long.  While she is starting to slowly come around, it is going to be a long process before either of them is really trusting of the other.

Ripley did have one really funny moment this week though.  I don’t know if you watched the video of her that I posted a few months ago (you can see it here) where she was chasing around a dog on the TV but this is a lot like that first video.  It amazes me that she can be sitting with us watching TV for months and not notice a thing but then something catches her eye and she is fascinated.

In this instance I was watching A Murder of Crows on PBS.  It was a really interesting documentary on crows and I had no idea just how intelligent these birds are.  About halfway through the show Ripley jumped off the couch and ran over and sat, transfixed, in front of the TV.  She would, from time to time, chase the crows when they would fly off the screen.  She would get really pissed when she couldn’t find them too and then turn and start yelling at us.

It was really cute.  I gotta find more of these shows for her to watch.

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The Best of The Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear

What a beautiful day for a Rally down on the Mall.  You could not have asked for better weather to be out and about with a couple hundred thousand of your closest friends.  So how could Deb and I pass up the opportunity to be right down in the middle of the fun.  There were so many people down there that at times it really felt a bit claustrophobic.

While we didn’t actually see the stage…we did hear Ozzy singing Crazy Train.

This is as close as we could get to the stage (the part in color)

But we really didn’t care about getting to see the stage.  We were just there to be part of the awesome event with the better half of our nation…you know, the ones not in the same general area for the Hatemonger Rally a couple months back.  The whole vibe was just something special.

The signs that people were carrying were just awesome and here were some of the best that we saw down there…

Fear the Amish


The cake guy and his kid
The Big Sign
The Hell Beast
Touch Myself and The Witch
Where The Heart Is
Praise Cheezus
My favorite sign
She wants Jon to stick it in her
The end isn’t as near as we thought
Any chance to bash Beck is fine by me

I think my favorite groups of “protestors” were this Star Wars trio.  Is it wrong that I find Han Solo really kinda sexy?

And then my other favorite were the Zombies:

But my favorite pics of the day were of the Superhero taking a break from his hard life of fighting crime to just come to DC and take a minute or two to himself:

And then, of course, the one of my lady:

Yeah, yeah…I know, pure cheese.  But it is true.

It was a great day though.  Kudos to you Mr. Stewart and Colbert for a great day out on the Mall.


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Deb and Newt

Deb has a new addition to her little family:  Newt.

The whole process really started last weekend when we went over to visit P and Red and their two new kittens (Pooty and Chinch).  Deb spent all night playing with the two tiny kids while I was watching the hockey game.  But when we were driving back to Deb’s place she proclaimed that Ripley was in need of a new friend to keep her company during the long weekdays.  And I have now learned that when Deb sets her mind to a task…that shit gets done quick.

Friday night we went to visit Newt at a foster home for cats.  This was supposed to be the first visit to check out kittens until Deb found the one that she wanted to bring home.  Yeah, this was the first and last stop.  By Sunday afternoon Newt was already over at her place to stay.

Ripley and Newt aren’t the best of buds yet…in fact, I do believe that if one of us wasn’t always keeping them on separate floors of the house they would be killing each other.  Well, Ripley would be killing Newt anyway.  Newt just wants to be friends while Ripley is dead set on making sure Newt doesn’t touch her stuff, look at her or pretty much just breathe the same air.

Ripley and Newt Faceoff

I stayed with the cats yesterday while Deb went to the office.  Today, Deb is working from home upstairs while I am downstairs.  We trade cats from time to time to let each of them get the run of the house for a bit and so far we have avoided confrontations…but it is only a matter of time.

Everyone says that this is just normal cat behavior.  Since I really have never been around cats before Ripley (and now Newt) I have no real frame of reference.  So I keep waiting for these two to go at it and draw blood.  No one else seems to think that will happen though.

So we wait and see….

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The Boy With The Broken Halo

Danger wrapped in a snug fitting costume.

That is Noah.

My nephew is turning 4 this weekend.  FOUR!  Time is really flying by as that kid and his big brother both grow like weeds.  It is like looking into some fairy tale mirror when I watch this kid play with his toys.  It is really freaky how much he plays like I did at that age.  He has an amazing imagination and had endless hours of conflict and drama with his growing number of action figures.

I have a big Halloween Bash of my own to go to this weekend so I am sorry I can’t make the little guy’s party but I went down to Richmond and had him all to myself for a few hours yesterday.  I really do prefer having him and his brother all to myself and not having to share their attention with all of their other relatives.  We really had a great visit too.

But since I can’t be there to help him celebrate his birthday I put together a little video for him.  Hope he likes it.

Happy Birthday Noah.  Hope you have a great party.

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The 2011 visit of the Dallas Cowboys can not get here soon enough

I should have known that last night was not going to end up as mild as I thought it would have.  I mean, our intention was just to go over to P and Red’s for two reasons.  The first reason was, of course, to watch the Caps game.  The second was for Deb to play with their 2 tiny little kittens that they just brought home this week.  But it is funny how things kind of spiral a bit out of control after the drinks start flowing.

Once the drinks are flowing, some people can’t hold their train of thought:

The highlight of the night though was Church and his willingness to be stripped of his very last shred of dignity all in the name of good fun.  If I remember correctly, everything started out innocently enough.  Church no longer lives in the area and would love to be able to come back to DC for the Skins vs Cowboys game next year.  The problem is that he just couldn’t justify the expense of the trip.  P and Josh said that they would love for him to come back for the game.  However, with Church being a Cowboys fan they really had their reservations about even going to the game with him…cause we all know what dicks the Cowboys fans can be.  This conversation rapidly went south.  Church was talked into (and i use the term “talked into” loosely because he was WAAAY too willing to do all of this) wearing the most outlandish Cowboy outfit we could collectively come up with…..

***EDIT:  If you are a member of the PC police, please don’t watch the video.  And if you are offended at all by the content after watching it is your own fault, you were warned.***

So, yeah….we are all eagerly anticipating the game next year.  It should be interesting.

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Roger Waters, The Wall and the Phone Booth on 10/10/10

Being a child of the 80s, I can vividly remember listening to my cassette tapes of The Wall over and over until the tapes just wore themselves out.  I remember watching the movie and having my mind blown.  I also remember that when I bought my first CD player one of the first albums that I bought on CD was The Wall.

So when we heard that Roger Waters was coming to the Verizon Center in DC to perform the entire album we knew we had to go see it.  Lucky for all of us, Red had her usual fantastic seats available for the show and invited Deb and I to join her (and P) for the show.  A great concert is even better when the tickets are really good….and free.  People were shelling out really big bucks to go to this show on Stubhub too.

The show really was incredible.  Watching the Wall being built throughout the entire first half of the show and then come crumbling down at the end was really amazing.

The visuals of the concert were just awesome and I took a few videos during the show to let everyone know just how cool it really was.  Through this first video you can see the stage hands continuing to build the wall throughout the first half of the show and some of the really brilliant visuals.  Mama was especially creepy.

The second video goes through most of the second half of the show.  Intermission started as the final brick of the Wall was put into place.  After the intermission one section of the wall popped out and was a small living room where Roger sat in a Lazy-boy and watched TV while singing….

This third video was from a really emotional part of the show.  The videos and images that were playing up on the fully built wall during Vera and Bring the Boys Back Home really did tug at the heart.  I know there were quite a few tears in the crowd during these two songs….I know when I looked over at Deb she was choking them back…

The last video here is of the end of the show (Waiting for the Worms, Stop and The Trial).  I love these last few songs from the album and P and I were even talking about wanting to hear these songs in particular and too see how Roger would perform them.  It really did raise the hairs on my arms hearing the entire arena chanting “Tear Down the Wall!” before the wall did come crashing down.

One of the low points of the night was right around intermission.  Poor P had this rather large gentleman sitting on his left that probably could have used two seats and this chick behind him that felt the need to remove her shoes and put her nasty bare feet up on the top of his seat.  He was not pleased as you can tell from the shot below.

I really enjoyed every minute of the show and it really did just fly by.  The whole experience was something that I am glad we did not miss and would love to do again someday.  I really started to feel guilty about half the way through the night when a whole portion of the show seemed to be dedicated to the evil of capitalism and symbolized by the Iphone/Ipod marketing machine.  And there I was just snapping pics and taking videos on mine.  Oh well.  Here are a bunch of the pics from the night:

Thanks for another fun night P, Red and Deb.

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A funny photo with Congressman Jim Moran

Deb and I decided to head down to Del Ray and visit our favorite restaurant, Los Tios, this afternoon. We love the place for the great food and even better drinks.

The whole area was jam packed with people because the annual Art on the Avenue festival was going on today. It was like an enormous block party with craft vendors lining both sides of the street. Deb bought a bunch of stuff while I just followed along doing my usual people watching.

When I saw the two women standing side by side with the signs, one for and one against Moran, I just had to get a picture. What made this picture perfect was Congressman Moran sneaking into the picture. We have been laughing about how perfect this picture turned out all day so I thought I would share it.

Thanks for the great pic Mr. Moran.


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