A funny photo with Congressman Jim Moran

Deb and I decided to head down to Del Ray and visit our favorite restaurant, Los Tios, this afternoon. We love the place for the great food and even better drinks.

The whole area was jam packed with people because the annual Art on the Avenue festival was going on today. It was like an enormous block party with craft vendors lining both sides of the street. Deb bought a bunch of stuff while I just followed along doing my usual people watching.

When I saw the two women standing side by side with the signs, one for and one against Moran, I just had to get a picture. What made this picture perfect was Congressman Moran sneaking into the picture. We have been laughing about how perfect this picture turned out all day so I thought I would share it.

Thanks for the great pic Mr. Moran.


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3 responses to “A funny photo with Congressman Jim Moran

  1. Mr. Moran doesn’t need to apologize because an apology from a traitor like him wouldn’t matter one iota. He does need to go, however. And by that I don’t just mean be defeated in an election, because that would be too easy for him. He needs to go as a human being, to jail, for treason.
    Victory in November! Treason trials in December!

    • Ahhh..a crazy TeaBagger visits my little space on the intarwebs. Hi there. How does crazy feel? Does it just feel like you are high all the time? Just curious.

      I am wondering if you just cut and pasted your comment from somewhere else though because even when I ran this through the “Crazy Teabagger to English” translator I couldn’t quite get your comment. Apologize for what now? Go to jail for what?

      Anyway, guess it doesn’t really matter because he won. So yeah, not quite a victory this time around…at least not here.

      Suck it!

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