Deb and Newt

Deb has a new addition to her little family:  Newt.

The whole process really started last weekend when we went over to visit P and Red and their two new kittens (Pooty and Chinch).  Deb spent all night playing with the two tiny kids while I was watching the hockey game.  But when we were driving back to Deb’s place she proclaimed that Ripley was in need of a new friend to keep her company during the long weekdays.  And I have now learned that when Deb sets her mind to a task…that shit gets done quick.

Friday night we went to visit Newt at a foster home for cats.  This was supposed to be the first visit to check out kittens until Deb found the one that she wanted to bring home.  Yeah, this was the first and last stop.  By Sunday afternoon Newt was already over at her place to stay.

Ripley and Newt aren’t the best of buds yet…in fact, I do believe that if one of us wasn’t always keeping them on separate floors of the house they would be killing each other.  Well, Ripley would be killing Newt anyway.  Newt just wants to be friends while Ripley is dead set on making sure Newt doesn’t touch her stuff, look at her or pretty much just breathe the same air.

Ripley and Newt Faceoff

I stayed with the cats yesterday while Deb went to the office.  Today, Deb is working from home upstairs while I am downstairs.  We trade cats from time to time to let each of them get the run of the house for a bit and so far we have avoided confrontations…but it is only a matter of time.

Everyone says that this is just normal cat behavior.  Since I really have never been around cats before Ripley (and now Newt) I have no real frame of reference.  So I keep waiting for these two to go at it and draw blood.  No one else seems to think that will happen though.

So we wait and see….

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2 responses to “Newt

  1. P & Red

    Aww the power of Pootie and Chinch….LOL. So, so cute that Newt. Ripree will build a bridge and get over it eventually.

  2. P & Red

    put tuna “juice” on the back of their necks and place them in the same room together…along with 2 cups of tuna and see if they get along?

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