The Best of The Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear

What a beautiful day for a Rally down on the Mall.  You could not have asked for better weather to be out and about with a couple hundred thousand of your closest friends.  So how could Deb and I pass up the opportunity to be right down in the middle of the fun.  There were so many people down there that at times it really felt a bit claustrophobic.

While we didn’t actually see the stage…we did hear Ozzy singing Crazy Train.

This is as close as we could get to the stage (the part in color)

But we really didn’t care about getting to see the stage.  We were just there to be part of the awesome event with the better half of our nation…you know, the ones not in the same general area for the Hatemonger Rally a couple months back.  The whole vibe was just something special.

The signs that people were carrying were just awesome and here were some of the best that we saw down there…

Fear the Amish


The cake guy and his kid
The Big Sign
The Hell Beast
Touch Myself and The Witch
Where The Heart Is
Praise Cheezus
My favorite sign
She wants Jon to stick it in her
The end isn’t as near as we thought
Any chance to bash Beck is fine by me

I think my favorite groups of “protestors” were this Star Wars trio.  Is it wrong that I find Han Solo really kinda sexy?

And then my other favorite were the Zombies:

But my favorite pics of the day were of the Superhero taking a break from his hard life of fighting crime to just come to DC and take a minute or two to himself:

And then, of course, the one of my lady:

Yeah, yeah…I know, pure cheese.  But it is true.

It was a great day though.  Kudos to you Mr. Stewart and Colbert for a great day out on the Mall.


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2 responses to “The Best of The Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear

  1. Linda Reamy

    I thought the rally was awesome. Watched it on the tube. Go Jon!

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