Ripley and A Murder of Crows

Poor Ripley had a rough week.  With the introduction of the new kitten, Newt, this week, she has been a bundle of raw nerves all week long.  While she is starting to slowly come around, it is going to be a long process before either of them is really trusting of the other.

Ripley did have one really funny moment this week though.  I don’t know if you watched the video of her that I posted a few months ago (you can see it here) where she was chasing around a dog on the TV but this is a lot like that first video.  It amazes me that she can be sitting with us watching TV for months and not notice a thing but then something catches her eye and she is fascinated.

In this instance I was watching A Murder of Crows on PBS.  It was a really interesting documentary on crows and I had no idea just how intelligent these birds are.  About halfway through the show Ripley jumped off the couch and ran over and sat, transfixed, in front of the TV.  She would, from time to time, chase the crows when they would fly off the screen.  She would get really pissed when she couldn’t find them too and then turn and start yelling at us.

It was really cute.  I gotta find more of these shows for her to watch.

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One response to “Ripley and A Murder of Crows

  1. hollis

    cute! i loved that documentary. crows make & use fucking tools!

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