Halloween: P and Red’s House is always the place to be

Almost everyone loves to profess how much they love Halloween.  P and Red walk the walk every year.  The weekend before the big night they have their annual Halloween party.  This year’s theme was Circus/Carnival/Freakshow.  They went all out again this year and their back yard was setup as the Big Top.

Cliff the Scariest Clown

There were a lot of creative costumes this year too (even if some of the people that showed up have no idea what the term “Theme Party” means) including the Scariest Clown Ever.  My costume was the Ring Toss Guy:

I learned a valuable lesson with the costume this year:  if you are walking around with a large red object sticking out of your pants every guy at the party will feel the need to walk up and fondle it at some point.  Not the ladies, just the dudes.  So yeah, no more costumes with big red junk for me in the future.

While P and Red really do throw a great party for the “adults” they really seem to have much more fun on the night of Halloween with all the trick or treaters.  They don their costumes, deck their house out in all the spooky Halloween gear and welcome kids of all ages to come and enjoy their hospitality.  It is always a great time just watching the smaller kids as they battle their fears and make it through the front yard and up onto the porch where Red is waiting with her bowl of candy.  There were numerous parents and kids that commented on how much they love coming to this one house on their trek for candy.  The only thing missing this year was Ghoulish Cliff who in years passed would dress up in his scary ghoul costume and scare the crap out of the kids.  There were a few kids that showed up and were really checking the house out trying to locate the hiding “scary guy” before they made their way up to the porch.  We had to explain that he was not here this year and everything was safe (but seeing as we said that even when he was there in previous years…I don’t think they believed us).

P and Red

Thanks, P and Red, for a great party and a really fun night with the trick or treaters.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the “kids” night:

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One response to “Halloween: P and Red’s House is always the place to be

  1. P & Red

    *takes a bow and thanks Chris for the awesome pics* You da best Chris!

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