Punch a Rapist….For Charity!!!

Karma is a bitch.

At least it appears to be so for Big Ben Roethlisberger over the last few weeks.  For those of you that don’t know, the Pittsburgh Steeler‘s Quarterback appears to have issues that revolve around “Little Ben”, alcohol and the inability to distinguish between the words Yes and No.  The nickname of Rapelisberger didn’t just appear out of thin air, if you know what I mean.

You see, when Ben decided to use his size and strength to overpower a much smaller woman he opened the door and allowed Karma to come on in for a visit.  In week 11 he was dropped with a punch to the face from Richard Seymour:

And on Sunday night, Haloti Ngata of the Baltimore Ravens got another shot on Roethlisberger’s face.  This time breaking the Quarterback’s nose in the process:

For these two hits Seymour was fined $25,000 and Ngata was fined $15,000.  Fines like these are meant to be a deterrent as players see their money evaporate in front of their eyes for these illegal hits.  There are some people that feel that fines like these are just not enough when players are earning salaries in the millions.  I just laugh when I see players getting fined…I think they probably laugh as well.

Do you know what happens to the money that players are fined in the NFL?  That money goes to various charities and to help support retired NFL players.  So by punching Ben in the chops Seymour was actually just donating to charity.  By breaking Roethlisberger’s nose, Ngata was just helping out a couple retired players.

And those fines, you know the ones that are meant to be a deterrent by hitting these overpaid giants in their wallets, are actually helping these guys more than hurting.  Each of these fines are tax deductible.  Because “ordinary and necessary” business expenses are deductible these fines can be written off by the offending players.  How hot is that?

So I am thinking that every defensive player should be lining up to take a shot at Big Ben.  I mean seriously, there aren’t many times in life when altruism is this much fun and good for you too.

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