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What could get me to go to church?

I am definitely not a church-goer.  There have been times when I have wondered what it would take to get me to attend church on a regular basis.  Maybe if I moved to this town I would do more than lay on the couch and watch football on Sundays.

I bet this town always smells fantastic.

I am so hungry right now.

Time to go have some bacon and maybe look for some job opportunities in Bacontown.

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American Idol: Totally Bitter Boyfriend

Another season of American Idol is now underway and I have to say that I am actually kind of impressed.  Going in to this season I, like most people out there, thought that it was just going to suck without Simon.  But Steven Tyler and (begrudgingly) J-Lo have actually been pretty good so far.  Granted, they are still in the Parade of Crazies part of the show and pretty much anyone could judge the talent at this level….but the new additions have actually been entertaining and Tyler keeps making me laugh so that will keep me interested.  But Randy is still Randy.  Useless and irrelevant.

But anyway, the point of my post was about a small part of the show last night.  There were two of the Idol hopefuls that came to audition together.  There have been people who have come in and auditioned together in the past so this was nothing new.  What made this one interesting was that these two were ex’s.  And from the looks of things the guy was really still into the girl while she had already moved on.  You could see that he was still really head over heels for this chick when he looked at her and especially when they sang a little duet together.  Poor guy.

It turned out that both of them were actually talented.  The guy was so much better than that hussy he called his ex but she wasn’t half bad.  They both received the golden ticket to move them on to Hollywood.  And this is when it got a bit awkward.

You know how they get the ticket and then burst through the door to be greeted by Metro-Seacrest and the family and friends of the singers…well the female half of this former couple had an entourage waiting for her while her ex didn’t have anyone waiting for him.  The gaggle of screaming family all jumped on the chick while the guy was forced to move out of the way and over towards Ryan….all alone.  😦  To make matters worse for him was his ex’s new boyfriend that was waiting to congratulate his woman on making it to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, for the new guy, his girl would be moving on to Hollywood with her ex.  You could tell right away that he was just so bitter.  He couldn’t even pretend to be happy for her and you could almost feel the jealousy coming through the TV.  He didn’t even come over to hug his girl…he just stood behind everyone else and glared.   So, so bitter.

Dude, your girl is gone.  Especially after she sees how you reacted to her day in the sun.

As Simon would say, “Sorry.”

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Newt’s First Snow

The DC area is in the process of being dumped on by a ton of wet and heavy snow.  The roads are completely screwed and commuters are stuck in a nightmare just trying to get home.  But while all hell is breaking loose on the roads, the snow still brings out the cute in the pets.

Today was the first time Newt has ever seen this white stuff falling from the sky.  When Deb got home from work she took these vids and pictures of her kitten as it tried to catch the snow falling on the other side of the window.  She apparently sat in the same spot trying to catch the snow for a couple of hours.  Oh how I wish I could be that enthralled by snowfall.

Hope everyone makes it home safe tonight.

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Weekend of Cute with Ripley and Newt

Since it was so cold this weekend we spent most of it wrapped up in blankets on the couch.  Ripley and Newt decided that they would entertain us with their seemingly endless displays of cuteness while we were trying to stay warm.

On Saturday I threw in the Catsitter DVD and the girls sat in front of the TV and were both enthralled by the mice, birds, bugs and fish on the screen.  Newt lost interest after a few minutes but Ripley would have sat and watched all day long if I had let her.

Then on Sunday, while I was trying to have a bit of privacy in the restroom, the two little troublemakers decided to slam into the door, knock it open and invite themselves in.  They proceeded to fence with each other from opposite sides of the door.  When I finally said something to the girls they both looked up at me with that “We weren’t doin’ nuthin” looks on their faces.

These two have definitely won my heart.


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Favre – “What should I do?”

This little vid is priceless.  You really should have just retired in Green Bay, Brett.  Now you have become the poster-boy for the danger of texting dick pics to chicks.  Sad way to end your career.

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My Favorite Penguins Fan Ever

I have been so incredibly sick all week.  The kind of sick where everything hurts.  I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and think I coughed up more lungbutter than is humanly possible.  There were a couple of times where I thought that I was dying.

Then, on the day I finally started feeling relatively human again, the fucking Steelers had to go and win their playoff game.  And with a freakin’ circus catch?  Seriously?

I really do hate every team from that god damn city.  And I know that the hate is mostly because I just can’t stand the arrogant asshole fans for any of their teams.**  So nothing made me feel better this evening than to get this nice little video sent to me.  A Penguins fan at the Winter Classic falling and busting his face just makes my day.  I really wish I had actually saw this while up there for the Classic:

I have watched this about 50 times now.  Enjoy.

**I guess if you are a Pirates fan I can cut you a bit of slack now…but I am still bitter about the “Killer B’s” during the 90s.

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Today’s argument: The Violent Rhetoric from the Right

The big subject of conversation all over the place today was (not surprisingly) the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon AZ.  It really is sad.

Part of the conversation, not just around me but all over the country, has been just what was the reason for this nutjob gunning down all those people outside a Safeway.  And right or wrong, the conversation always came back to the same subject…the violence that is constantly being spewed by the Far Right.  There  has been no evidence of any kind linking this crazy bastard to the Far Right, I will admit that.  But I don’t think anyone can deny just how bad it has become.

We have Glenn Beck joking about poisoning Nancy Pelosi.

We have that scarecrow Ann Coulter saying that a baseball bat is “the most effective way” to talk to liberal.

We have that pill popping, fat ass Rush Limbaugh saying, “I tell people don’t kill all the liberals. Leave enough so we can have two on every campus—living fossils—so we will never forget what these people stood for”

And don’t even get me started on Bill O’Reilly.

Oh and the woman of the hour…the incredibly dumb but very media savvy  Sarah Palin with that famous image from her website around the elections last year:

There are even websites out there like The Patriot Shop that up until about 30 minutes ago was selling this sticker:

And the website proclaims that it’s gifts are “Great Gifts for American Patriots.”  Guess I hate America.  Interesting that this was taken down today.  Guilty?

All of these characters and their violent rhetoric are doing nothing more than driving a wedge right down the center of our country.  I just don’t understand those people that have those right leaning political views and find it hard to believe that most of our country jumps to the far fetched conclusion that this fruitcake was a mental patient that watched a ton of FOXnews.

This unhinged piece of work might not have been a devout follower of those hate-mongers at FOXnews but can you blame us for thinking he was?  And it still hasn’t been said whether or not we are right in our assumptions.  But if this batty bastard wasn’t the one that decided to take the words of one of those “entertainers” on FOXnews and act on them…there will be another one.  As long as these demented douchebags have easy access to basic cable and a gun shop we should just be counting the hours until the next round of gunshots rings out at a Meet-n-Greet.

I have heard from numerous sources today that this is not a failure of our gun control laws but a failure of the mental health system in our country.  And I could not disagree more.  This screwball shithead would have done a hell of a lot less damage with a stick, knife or rock.  It was the easily concealed gun that was the reason he could cause do much carnage.

I am also of the mind that the media should treat these would be assassins like they treat the dipshits that run on the field during a sporting event.  Completely ignore the jagoff in the media.  Don’t show his picture.  Don’t mention his name.  Don’t interview his neighbors.  Just don’t do anything.  Do all the investigating you want but by reporting on this guy for the last 3 days and digging into any and every aspect of his life we all just gave him exactly what he wanted.  So don’t do it.

Anyway, I am sick today.  So not sure how much of this actually made any sense..most of it was probably just rambling.

Thank you cold medicine.

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The Weekend: Bacon, Caps and Cats

This weekend was a pretty good one.

With Ripley feeling better from our scare earlier in the week Deb and I spent Friday night just hanging out and watching some movies. Newt was really acting cute as she was hanging out on the keyboards:

And then moving to under the Christmas tree (yep, it is still up):

And being her usual mischievous self, jumping into the washing machine as soon as the door is opened:

On Saturday, thanks to Red and P having other obligations, Deb and I took Grandma Jim and Grandma Mary to the Caps game. The Caps really looked sluggish during the first period but turned it on towards the end of the game. Ovechkin‘s goal was pretty sick too as he was pretty much flying through the air when he scored. It is always better to go to the game when they win.

Both Ripley and Newt were happy to have us home after the game:

This morning we got up and went to Restaurant 3 for brunch. This place is the place to go if you are crazy for bacon like we are (thanks to Danielle for reminding me about this joint). We started off with Bacon Bloody Mary’s:

The Bloody Mary is made with bacon infused vodka and a big thick slice of bacon for a garnish. For brunch Deb had the Eggs Nova Scotia and I had the Graceland Waffle:

It was really delicious. A Bacon Studded Waffle (and we are talking huge chunks of bacon), Brown Sugar Glazed Bananas, in a Peanut Butter/Caramel Sauce. Mmmmmm. If you are ever in Clarendon for brunch you should check this place out. And if you are ever there for dinner make sure you get desert: Bacon Studded Waffle with Maple Bacon Ice Cream.

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Anger is Illogical

When I get behind the wheel of a car I find that just about every other driver on the road is a complete and total moron.  I may be right or I may have an anger management issue.  I figured I would watch this instructional video and see if there were any pointers in there for me.

Ok, so not really any useful pointers….but it made me laugh.

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My Top 15 Pics of 2010

Now that 2011 is here I thought it was a good time to go through the pictures I took throughout 2010.  Here are 15 of my favorites in no particular order.  I do not claim to be a photographer.  These were all taken with my phone:

1.  Angus on his Birthday –  My nephew watching a DVD after opening the gifts I brought him.

2.  Noah playing with his Star Wars toys.

3. Ripley enjoying her spot of sunlight.  She does look like she is really pissed in this pic but she was really just kicking back and enjoying her little spot of warmth.

4.  Ripley on her perch at sunset.

5.  Newt relaxing on a lazy Sunday.

6.  Ripley and Newt chasing squirrels on the TV while watching their new Cat DVD.

7.  Deb enjoying a break during our hike around the Billy Goat Trail.

8.  P admiring his handiwork and waiting for the kids to show up for Trick or Treating on Halloween.

9.  At The Legwarmers show.  Woody was dressed as Richard Simmons and in this pic he was holding his girl’s purse.  Couldn’t resist getting this pic.  As if you couldn’t just tell from the pic…i was a bit drunk and really having a great time making fun of Woody here.

10.  While at the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear I caught this pic of The Flash while he was taking a break from fighting villains just long enough to admire a view of the Washington Monument.  I think this is probably my favorite picture of the year.

11.  This one was from our last day at Dewey Beach during the summer.  Just held up the Iphone and snapped a quick pic before heading up and to the house to pack up and leave.  The pic turned out pretty good for the really lazy way that I snapped it.

12.  Another accidentally cool shot.  Deb and I were down in Del Ray just out to get a bit of breakfast and walk around at the craft fair when I saw the two women standing in the middle of the street with signs that cracked me up.  I was just trying to get a pic of the two of them when Jim Moran walked up and got into the pic.  Love it.

13.  On a hike around the trails at Fountainhead we came across this small graveyard.  It was kind of spooky but we hung out and took a bunch of pics.

14.  The Creeper visits the Manger.  While the nephews were up visiting at Grandma’s house I took this little sacrilicious gem.  Gotta love Scooby Doo toys.

15.  While I didn’t actually take the original pic of my brother-in-law and Angus flying a kite I did really enjoy chopping this one up.  Definitely my favorite chop of the year so I had to add this one.

I already have a few pics from the Winter Classic weekend for my faves for next year.  I hope I have a ton more to go through at the end of 2011.

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