Poor Little Ripley

Last night, when Deb got home, she couldn’t find Ripley.  Usually, as soon as the door opens, Ripley is right at your feet.  But last night she was nowhere to be found.  Even shaking the treat bag didn’t bring her running.  After searching the house Deb found her on the bed in the spare bedroom…and Ripley never goes in there.  She barely raised her head to even look at Deb as she entered the room.

Something was wrong.

Ripley is the most vocal animal I have ever been around and she was making no sounds.  Usually all you have to do is lightly touch her and she starts up her incredibly loud purring.  But there was nothing.

All Ripley wanted was to hide and be left alone.  Even when you put treats (which are normally like crack to a crackhead) in front of her face she had no reaction.

Something was definitely wrong.

We loaded up Ripley in the car and head off to the Caring Hands Animal Hospital.  The doctor did a thorough examination, took X-rays and performed blood work but couldn’t find anything wrong.  She did give Rip a shot of some antibiotics and pain meds because she could see that she was in pain and told Deb that if she wasn’t better by morning to bring her back.

Luckily, Ripley was already purring again by the time we got home.  I pulled out a bag of her treats and she ran over to me and starting yelling up at me to give her some.  Deb was so relieved to see her cat acting like her cat that the waterworks started (such a soft heart on this one).
Rip was still groggy and not herself for the rest of the night but by this morning she was back to being the Ripley that we know and love.  She woke up and yelled at Deb to feed her and actually started eating.  And by the time we were up and ready to leave she was playing with her toys and even jumping up on her perch in the front window.

What a relief.

Hope she is still feeling better when Deb gets home tonight.


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2 responses to “Poor Little Ripley

  1. Hi, I hope Ripley is better too. Our kitty cat of twenty years past away a while back, and we can’t quite pull the trigger to rescue another feline. But more to this post point. You know your cat better than anyone else. Better than your vet. I don’t mean to question your vets capabilities. But again you know your cat and her behavior. If you see behavior like last night repeat anytime soon and your vet can’t tell you a cause., consider going to a specialist. I’m not in the business, I’m not pimping anything. And I know a specialist can be big bucks. And I’m not trying to be an alarmist, or believe in keeping a critter alive at all cost.

    It’s just that recently we lost our seven year old dog. Had taken him to two vets, and followed, for damn near a year, the remedy prescribed. It was the wrong remedy, in fact counter to the problem. It took a specialist ten minutes to figure it all out. But it was too late.

    I know animals get sick and then get well and the cause proves to be an anomaly. But if Ripley repeats the behavior and your vet can find no cause, it may be best and less expensive , in the long run, to find someone better equipped to diagnose.

    Sorry for the length, and Hi to Ripley.


  2. P & Red

    Aww, poor Rips. Glad to hear she is feeling better!

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