Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

This week’s photo challenge was simply “tiny”.  I went through some of my pics and couldn’t settle on just one so I went with a few:

The Bobblehead of Me

Tiny Me

This is the custom-made bobblehead of me as Han Solo that my lady had made for my birthday.  How cool is that?

Power Outages are Funny

Tiny Little Power Outage

Coming home from H Street Country Club we found this little gem. How funny is it that the “Uni” is not working on that sign?  The tiniest little power outage made this freakin’ funny.

Tiny Birds, Big Concentration

Tiny Birds, Big Concentration

 The birds, bugs and squirrels on that Catsitter DVD may be tiny…but these two have a lot of patience.

Tiny Bit of Frustration

Tiny Bit of Frustration

 Newt was having a grand ole time playing with her toy until it shot up and landed on top of the door from which it was hanging.  She sat up on the steps trying to figure out how to get at it and letting out tiny whimpers of frustration every few minutes until I got it down for her.

Tiny Little Heartbreaker

Tiny Little Heartbreaker

Sometimes Ripley just can’t get close enough to Deb.  In those moments she is the tiniest little heartbreaker.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.


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7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

  1. MJ

    These are all such great pics!

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  3. I like the two birds, in focus to the TV-screen birds …

  4. sorry, mistyped, the two CATS of course …

  5. You have some great photos! Funny (…sex barbershop) and cute (kitties).

    • Thanks. I couldn’t believe how awesome that sign was with those three letters on the fritz. And yeah, these two little cats are something else. I am not a big fan of cats…but these two crack me up. It started out with me just tolerating them but now I kind of dig ’em both.

  6. I love your cats 🙂 nice shots!

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