Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This is one of my favorite pics ever.  I wish I had a better camera on hand when I took it but the shitty camera on my old phone was all I had.  This was how I woke up one morning.  It made me happy in a sappy “bring a tear to my eye” kind of way with both Ripley and Deb all snuggled up on me and dead to the world.


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11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. I get a warm feeling with this picture! Good one!

  2. Love it. I took got that warm and fuzzy feeling.

  3. Nice! A very touching post.

  4. Nice photo !
    I could not think of an idea like this post !
    In Japanese, ” Yarareta ! “

  5. you can’t kill someone whom you saw sleeping …

  6. That’s a great catch. Evocative as you describe, Heart warming. And an excellent interpretation of the theme.

  7. thirdhandart

    Wonderful interpretation!

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