Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

These two are enjoying an Old Fashioned day of Summer Fun on Tangier Island.  Frog Hunting from the back of an old rickety boat is an all day adventure for them.  Oh how I miss those days.


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7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

  1. I can’t say I was big on fishing when I was growing up, but I do have a few memories sitting (im)patiently next to my dad as he fished!

  2. Don’t know how old-fashioned this is, but it sure takes me back! A photo begging for a story to be told!

  3. Renee

    It take me back to my childhood. Love it!

  4. thirdhandart

    Very good old-fashioned pastime photo!

  5. I absolutely love this photo! Great choice for this challenge.

  6. Those types of days are amazing. Great moments and cool photo!

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