Why Microsoft is now at the very top of my hate list

Sit back and let me tell you a story of frustration and woe. It is a story of a gamer, his Xbox, (but truth be told, I use my Xbox more for Netflix than anything else these days) and the nightmare that is Microsoft’s support.

It all began back on the morning of March 19, 2011. It was just a typical Saturday morning…or so I thought. It started the same as most other Saturdays as was sitting there drinking my cup of coffee and checking my emails. I had no idea that this was the day that would start my 4 month-long bout of endless frustration with Microsoft.

As I started going through my emails I saw an email from Microsoft that read:

Dear XXXX,

This mail is a confirmation that you have purchased the following items from Microsoft:

Purchase Date

Friday, March 18, 2011

Subtotal of Items: $94.99

Subtotal of credit or fee from subscription conversion: $0.00

Total before Tax: $94.99

Tax: $0.00


Total for this order: $94.99

When I first looked at the email I really thought very little about it. I had a message earlier in the week pop up on my Xbox saying that my account was about to be up for renewal and I clicked the box that said “Yes, I want to autorenew the account”. I know that I thought $95 was a bit much for renewing but I remembered that I had seen information earlier in the year that the amount for an Xbox gold account was going to be increased this year. I thought a $40 increase was a bit much but I can’t say that I was overly surprised.

But then I saw the very next email that said:


 This mail is confirmation that you successfully purchased Xbox Live 6000 Microsoft Points bundle on Friday, March 18, 2011. Please retain a copy of this for your records.

This raised my eyebrows a little. But I still didn’t really balk at this. I honestly couldn’t remember what I was charged when I last renewed my account. Did I get charged for points as well as the account the last time around? Both of these emails were sent at the exact same time in the morning so I was just assuming that these two charges were related. I had stuff to do that morning so I didn’t think much about it and just made a mental note to come back and look into this later.

The very next morning I woke up and started my same morning routine when I found 2 more emails from Microsoft in my inbox:


This mail is confirmation that you successfully purchased Xbox Live 4000 Microsoft Points bundle on Sunday, March 20, 2011. Please retain a copy of this for your records.

The second email was one letting me know that all of the points that were purchased over the last two days were all transferred off of my account onto another one. I am not the brightest guy in the world but even I could figure out that someone had gotten into my account and was running up charges. I had to nip this in the bud quickly.

So I made the first of many calls to Xbox support.

I explained what had transpired over the last couple days and the guy I talked to was very helpful. I was informed that whoever got into my account changed my account to a family account (that was why the account was $40 more than it should be) and then ran up a big bill buying points and transferring them off to another account. He explained to me the process that they would have to go through to get this resolved. The first step would be disabling my account so that nothing else could happen while they investigated. I was told that the account would be disabled until there was a resolution and that this could take up to 10 days. But I was assured that this would most likely be resolved before then. And once the investigation took place I could reactivate my account (after changing passwords, credit cards, etc.).

Sure enough I received an email 9 days later that said that my issue was “received and researched by our fraud investigations team” and that the investigation was now “complete”. The email was a lengthy one explaining all that I needed to do to take control of my account back . There was also this section of the email:

If fraudulent purchases were made from your Xbox LIVE account while the account was not under your control, with an associated credit or debit card, or from your Microsoft Points balance. Such purchase amounts will be refunded. Refunds will be processed within the next 10 business days, but may take up to 30 days more to appear on your billing statement, depending on your financial institution.

So I waited a few days and checked my balance on my card. The initial charge, the $95 charge, had been refunded the same days as the email saying my investigation was complete.

At this point I was happy with how this whole thing was being handled. But this is the last time I had the warm and fuzzies for Microsoft and their support team.

I checked every week for the 30 day period to see if the rest of my money had been refunded. And nothing ever appeared. I was a bit concerned but (as I have worked in Billing and Tech support) I knew that sometimes things just took longer than expected. But just in case I called up Support again.

The guy I talked to wasn’t sure why I hadn’t gotten my refund for those charges back yet but assured me that I was “scheduled for a call back” from their Escalations Team in 2 days time. So I left that call thinking that I would get a call back and that everything would be cool in just a couple of days.

So 5 days passed and I didn’t get a call back. Frustration was starting to set in.

So I called back again. I was pretty much told the same thing, “You are scheduled for a call back in 2 days but there is nothing more we can do for you.” I asked to speak to a supervisor on this call and I was put on hold for about 20 minutes (with the occasional “I am still waiting but we haven’t forgotten about you” pop-ins) before I was finally transferred. The Supervisor was no more help than the first level support. All he could say was that the account was being investigated. I explained that I already received the email saying the investigation was complete but this didn’t seem to register with the guy on the other end of the call. He said that he was taking a “personal interest” in my situation and that he would be monitoring my account. I was assured that someone from the mythical Escalations Team would be calling me back within 72 hours. I tried telling him that I was told that last time I called but he said there was nothing more that he could do and that he could no longer stay on the phone because there were “other customers to help”. I wasn’t very pleased and asked for his name and employee number so that I could complain about the service which I was told he could not give. Even though he started the conversation by giving me his name he could not even give me his first name again now that I wanted to complain. So I hung up pretty pissed…and this was still early May.

When a week passed by and I heard nothing I called back again. This time I just explained to the poor woman from first level support that I didn’t want to talk to her because I knew that she couldn’t help me and I just requested to be escalated to a supervisor right off the bat. This time I explained that it was about to be 3 months since these fraudulent charges appeared and I was getting a bit impatient with this process. She apologized but once again was no help. She gave me the same runaround about how I was scheduled for a callback and that there was nothing she could do for me. This time the Supervisor said that she would apply some Microsoft points to my account for my frustration. I explained that I never use those points and it would be worthless to me but she said that was the only thing she could really do for me. But once again, I was told that she was going to take a “personal interest” in my account and that she was going to be monitoring my account and it nothing happened within 72 hours she would be calling me back. I told her that this “callback” story was starting to get old and that I didn’t believe I was ever going to be either hearing from someone at Microsoft or ever seeing my money returned to me. She assured me, once again, that within 72 hours I would hear from someone.

So a week later I still haven’t heard from anyone. Now I am just to pissed to even deal with them on the phone. So I decided to just wait and see and give them another week. Surely I would see or hear something in just one more week.


So now it is early June and I am into the 3rd month since the charges were made on my account. I stared at my phone for a few minutes before making yet another call as I tried to make sure I calmed myself and didn’t start the call with obscenities. As I sat through all the automated crap at the beginning of the call I could just feel my anger level rising.

This time I just laid into that poor first level support guy. I kept apologizing to him as I was practically yelling because I knew it wasn’t his fault but he was the one I was venting on. Once again I received as much help as if I had just picked up my phone and pretended to make a call into it. This time, when he transferred me to another in an endless stream of supervisors, I got to talk to a woman named Christine. She seemed actually to have a bit of empathy and actually sounded a bit frustrated that this issue had not been resolved. But yet again she explained that I was scheduled for a callback in a few days and that there wasn’t really much she could do. She did try to dig around a bit more than the supervisors I had previously talked to but really didn’t give me any new information. For some reason my account was still being investigated and there was no clear reason for this issue not being resolved. Once again she assured me that she would make sure this was addressed and that she was now taking a blahblah personal interest blah. I just sighed and told her that there was no way I was going to believe that.

Wouldn’t you know it, she did call. She left a lengthy voicemail message to just basically reiterate everything we talked about earlier. There was no new information. There was nothing helpful in the 4 minute voicemail message. The only reason I think the call was even made was to attempt to pacify me so that I could no longer say no one had ever called me back. Unfortunately, her voicemail ended with “someone from escalations will be calling you on the 29th of June”.

Total B#llsh1t.

It is now July 14th. In four days it will be 4 months since those charges were made to my card.

Once again, I called Microsoft’s support line this morning. Once again I have received the same runaround. Once again, guess who is scheduled to call me back tomorrow?

I am just beyond frustrated at this point.

4 months?


How, after all this time, can you not transfer me to anyone that can actually help me?

I am never going to see that money.

I started with the original Xbox and I am now on my third Xbox360 (freakin’ Red Ring of Death). I was a loyal Xbox guy. I was one of those fanboys that would actually argue about how I thought the 360 was the better console with those PS3 guys out there. But now, I don’t play as many games on it and I am pretty much paying an extra $60 a year to watch Netflix.

I won’t be renewing at the end of my Gold Subscription this year.

So thanks for nothing (literally) Microsoft and you have lost a once paying and loyal customer.

Anyone else have something like this happen to them?

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6 responses to “Why Microsoft is now at the very top of my hate list

  1. Mike

    DId you ever get this resolved? I am currently going through the fraud investigation process right now…exact same charges as you.

    • It took 6 months but I did finally get my money back. They told me that my case just fell through the cracks so I hope yours is resolved much faster than mine. It is ridiculous that their departments cannot work together to expedite issues that are beyond a certain shelf life though. The constant run around and telling me that the only thing I could do was wait was complete BS. But I guess, when you are Microsoft, you don’t have to worry about one customer being dissatisfied.

  2. dave gray

    I got my email yesterday £51 ($85) I contacted support and asked why is there no security question or verification at the point of sale and apparently it’s because it can only be used to buy from them. So as long as they get their money (legally or illegally) what’s the problem? they said they’d close my account, 15 hours later it’s still open and the guy with the xbox (I only have a pc and USED to buy games for windows) is still playing on my account as I type. I’ve never had any problems until I complained about having bought a game they wrongly said was compatible with my system. Then hacked account most coincidental. Why is there no security in place at microsoft when I cannot even buy gum without entering a pin number at the local shop? I’d sue if I could but as they have a few more dollars then me I guess I’d lose but governments could bring in legislation holding companies accountable when they have such a flagrant disregard for their customers bank details. Glad it all worked out eventually.
    After trawling the web this goes back years and MS still haven’t acted in an appropriate way. Legislate $10,000,000 out of them and then see if they tighten up.

  3. i was told that if i bought the 3 month mbship i would get 400 msp they never gave it to me and they are also auto paying my acount so its charging my parents every month or 3 months im not sure if any 1 can help me to stop this send me an email at killersquirell@gmail.com

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