Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

It was so hot that even the water couldn’t cool you off on this day at Dewey Beach.

So what is the only really good way to cool off on a day like this?  You, betcha….GIANT margaritas!


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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot

  1. Zoya

    I like your interpretation of hot vs cold….nice.

  2. Your post gave me an idea.
    Thank you.

  3. love the beach photo, and the relief!

  4. thirdhandart

    I really like the look of your photos. I’ve been trying to manipulate some of my photos in Photoshop in order to get the same effect.
    Also, a great take on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Hot!

  5. Your photos are so vivid!

  6. Well, I certainly know where I would like to be now!

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  9. I like both pictures. I need to make me a margarita now.

  10. Deb D

    Love that beach pic 🙂

  11. These are wonderful “hot” shots! Love them both.

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