DC Earthquake Devastation Assessment

About an hour ago we had an 5.9 earthquake here in the DC area.  For those of you wondering if we are safe and if we had any damage I have walked around and documented all of the devastation:

The Patio Chairs

The Fallen Soldier

How will I change the channels now?


The Poor Little Nationals Hat


Angus' Build-a-Bear box will never recover

Recovery will be a painful process but we will endure.

Pray for us.



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27 responses to “DC Earthquake Devastation Assessment

  1. nitengale166

    Should we send a referral to the Red Cross? We can organize a telethon for you guys if needed.

    • Anonymous

      This was just wonderful! Humor is SO important during traumatic events such as the Virginia earthquake of 2011. I do hope you’re able to pick up the pieces .. and move forward – or bar-b-que with friends and family – whichever comes first. Blessings to you and yours! Loved it!!!

      • We are getting by. I think I have PTSD though. Last night, at 1:07 in the morning there was an aftershock…I jumped out of bed, flew into my shorts and shoes and sat there waiting for the house to crumble around me. Nothing happened though. I think I actually made more noise lumbering around my bedroom than the tremors. 🙂

  2. Please. Just no Jerry Lewis or Kanye West. Thanks.

  3. Is it time to call in FEMA?

  4. Anonymous

    i know you are trying to be funny, but it isnt funny to someone who lived/ lives in Japan during the March 11, 2011 earthquake. I know y’all dont get earthquakes there that often but y’all are making it seem like the world is coming to an end. Seriously?! A 5.8 is nothing. when we get 5.8s here we dont even stop what we are doing. We say “hey an earthquake. so anyway…” and continue on with our days. So please stop trying to make it seem like y’all are gonna have to rebuild everything. or find loved ones in all of the build-a-bear box rubble.
    Thank you.
    sincerely, a resident of Japan.

  5. Silver

    They must not have sarcasm in the japanese village where anonymous lives. Seriously… tragedy in Japan was awful. We were lucky here on the east coast…but I’d think that it was fairly obvious that, if anything, this blog post is poking fun at ourselves not making light of tragedies elsewhere. Grow a sense of humour.

  6. Anonymous

    Well you obviously can’t read. The first thing i wrote was “i know you are trying to be funny”. ぼけ

    • Hello to my new Irradiated and Waterlogged Friend over there in the Land of the Rising Sun.

      See? If I shoot for offensive I can stick the landing.

      However I think your panties are in a bunch over nothing. As Silver said, all I was doing was poking fun at all of us over here and how crazy the area became for the rest of the day for what was essentially the equivalent of a tractor trailer driving by our houses. Every channel, whether it was TV or radio, was earthquake coverage. And what was the damage? I think that a couple of bricks fell on a couple of parked cars somewhere so lucky for everyone they were parked and unoccupied at the time or there might have been some bruises and cuts to report on.

      Look, we live in in area that doesn’t get earthquakes. It is just that simple. When my entire house started acting like it was trying to fall on me I freaked out a bit and nearly shat myself running for the door. But once I made it outside, calmed my nerves and realized what a pusswah I was being, I decided to poke fun at myself and others in the area that probably reacted in similar fashion.

      If you were offended then that is your issue and not mine. You really shouldn’t be trolling around the intrawebs looking for blog posts about earthquakes if your eyes can’t handle it. Its kind of morbid if you ask me (which I know you didn’t).

      So anyway, thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a message. Oh, and sorry about that first line…but I figured that if I am gonna called an insensitive prick (just paraphrasing here) I might as well get my moneys worth.

      • Nepal

        Well. Harumph. Here in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is overdue for a quake that will be Haiti on steroids and squash us all like pancakes in our godawful unsafe third-world concrete houses, my teenager and I are laughing like crazy. Oh, and we’re from DC. Hey, what if it had happened during some SNOW?!?

        I’m glad you’re all safe, but of course folks are safe. The houses are very well-constructed in the developed world, thankfully. The tragic toll from Japan’s monster quake was also way lower than it would have been if Japan hadn’t also been well-prepared.

        Give my best to your victimized Remote Control. I hope it recovers so you can change the channel. Otherwise you might panic …

  7. Anonymous

    Mobilize the national guard! Avenge thy fallen lawn chair!! Let us rebuild and mend the wreckage so future generations can remember this day in history: we survived the worst.

  8. Somebody took my buritto

    Mobilize the national guard! Avenge thy fallen lawn chair!! Let us rebuild and mend the wreckage so future generations can remember this day in history: we survived the worst.

  9. This is just stupid. I could see how the people of Haiti, China, Japan, Chile, and all the other countires that have suffered big devastating earth quakes within the last 2 years, with thousands and thousands of people killed could take offense to this. But better yet when will American culture learn that making fun of such a serious topic is NOT FUNNY….its just not, we always want to make jokes, sometimes at other’s expense or when there is nothing to joke about. But maybe this person posted this to make light of the U.S. media where it was probably breaking news and nothing really happened in comparison to Haiti where over 270,000 people and still counting are DEAD……

  10. Anonymous

    People, pull your ultra sensitive sensibilities out of your backsides. The collective joke is not of the earthquake itself but the obsurdity of the East Coast media impersonation of Chicken Little and the sky is falling routine. This is poking fun at how overblown this non event was treated. Citing the death toll of a real disaster is assinine in the extreme in relation to this non event. No one is minimizing real tragedies, but we are bringing to light that the media was going a little too far. In essence we are laughing at ourselves and to be honest the photos and captions are funny as hell.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. It is amazing how much media coverage this earthquake got and it was only 5.8. there are so many devastating things going on in the world and this is what the “stupid, insensitive” American media decided to cover ALL day. So this original blog is NOT offensive. It is simply taking a jab at our American priorities and how we are self absorbed. In fact, it is truly making jest of how insensitive the American journalist and networks are to real tragedy in the world beyond the US; massacres, political uprisings, starvation, Haiti, Japan, etc. This blog was to make us look inward and how truly lucky we all are. Look again at the pictures, this could have been devastating but merely a few chairs fell over, etc. Sorry if seemed rude but it was truly laughing at who we are as Americans. I’m proud to say we do have a sense of humor and some have a sense of caring for humanity. It’s unfortunate that this was lost in translation.

  11. Anonymous

    As a Kiwi who had family in the Christchurch earthquake, in which several family friends died, I can laugh at this. Its not that Im insensitive or that the earthquake didn’t affect me and my family. This post is simply funny, and I totally get the ironic sense of humour. But then again, I’m Western, and it is in our blood to make fun of ourselves. I think that’s the part that non-Westrern cultures just dont get about us. For all the hype about how little we understand the rest of the world, the rest of the world really doesn’t understand us any better. Humour is a good cure for all maladies – keep up the good work OMB, and good to see there was no damamge to the beer fridge.

  12. Anonymous

    Guys its not funny for an earthquake to happen we simply put it into a bigger shock level because we aren’t usually the ones in it. So if we post anywhere of i felt something shake or saw something fall it’s because we don’t usually go through earthquakes.

  13. AN

    Also in Japan & anonymous, the point I got from all this was precisely that it was pretty much a nonevent. The fact that it was blown waaay out of proportion by the media definitely deserves a little fun-poking. I don’t see the connection to what happened here.
    Anyhow, all that ‘my earthquake is bigger than your earthquake’ crap is totally unbecoming.

  14. Anonymous

    I heard a gargoyle fell off the Washington Cathedral on top of the major wreckage at ur place yuk yuk

  15. We had an earthquake here in Colorado too! 😦 Y’all stole our thunder. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Call the wambulance! Seriously? I didn’t feel it. I did go through one in Chicago once. I fell out a chair I was tipped back in and my globe landed on my head… tragic. I had a lump for about 4 hours.

  16. Luna

    Haha! this is funny, and for ya is making a big thing out of this, you guys are stupid I’ve been in some serious earthquaks. I was visiting D.R back when Haiti got hit and we felt it there just the way Haiti is with their buildings and so on sucks. But here in America we don’t get earthquaks that bad like around the world. and we do have our own B.S here that no one else gets so quit your complaining, cause did you know Americans act if the world is coming to an end when stuff happens like this to us and when I was in D.R they acted the same way. This is just a statement that we need to relax cause really we don’t have it that bad compare to the rest of the world.

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