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Halloween: P and Red’s House is always the place to be

Almost everyone loves to profess how much they love Halloween.  P and Red walk the walk every year.  The weekend before the big night they have their annual Halloween party.  This year’s theme was Circus/Carnival/Freakshow.  They went all out again this year and their back yard was setup as the Big Top.

Cliff the Scariest Clown

There were a lot of creative costumes this year too (even if some of the people that showed up have no idea what the term “Theme Party” means) including the Scariest Clown Ever.  My costume was the Ring Toss Guy:

I learned a valuable lesson with the costume this year:  if you are walking around with a large red object sticking out of your pants every guy at the party will feel the need to walk up and fondle it at some point.  Not the ladies, just the dudes.  So yeah, no more costumes with big red junk for me in the future.

While P and Red really do throw a great party for the “adults” they really seem to have much more fun on the night of Halloween with all the trick or treaters.  They don their costumes, deck their house out in all the spooky Halloween gear and welcome kids of all ages to come and enjoy their hospitality.  It is always a great time just watching the smaller kids as they battle their fears and make it through the front yard and up onto the porch where Red is waiting with her bowl of candy.  There were numerous parents and kids that commented on how much they love coming to this one house on their trek for candy.  The only thing missing this year was Ghoulish Cliff who in years passed would dress up in his scary ghoul costume and scare the crap out of the kids.  There were a few kids that showed up and were really checking the house out trying to locate the hiding “scary guy” before they made their way up to the porch.  We had to explain that he was not here this year and everything was safe (but seeing as we said that even when he was there in previous years…I don’t think they believed us).

P and Red

Thanks, P and Red, for a great party and a really fun night with the trick or treaters.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the “kids” night:

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Heatwave, Horseshoes and Healing

This weekend was hot. Unbearably hot. In fact, I have lived here in the DC metro since the end of 1987 and I really can’t remember a time when it was hotter. So I decided to look it up and what do you know…this is the hottest it has been since the summer of ’87. So it literally was the hottest day I could remember here in the metro area. Lucky me.

It was so hot that just a short walk from the front door to my car had me dripping with sweat on Friday night. That is never a good way to start the evening. Luckily, Deb was suffering from food poisoning and we were planning to spend the night just hanging out at her place. Sorry Deb. 🙂 Poor girl picked up some kind of bug while we were at the beach last week and was still getting her ass kicked by it all weekend. I felt so bad for her too as she was really suffering and there wasn’t anything I could do to help except not get between her and the can.

Because of her need to stay close to indoor plumbing we just hung out on Friday night and most of Saturday. We spent the time just hanging out on the couch, playing with Ripley and catching up on some of our shows on the DVR. Another stroke of luck was that I had the 2nd season of Damages sitting there waiting to be watched from Netflix. I really freakin’ love that show and we watched the first 9 episodes of the season this weekend.

By early Saturday evening Deb was feeling well enough that we could venture out. We headed over to P and Red’s as they were having a little get together at their place. It was right at the 100º mark when we set out and with the heat index it was around 110. In other words…really friggin’ hot. When we got there just about everyone was inside in the air conditioning. Deb headed inside and that was where she stayed for most of the time we were there. She was still feeling pretty bad but she wanted to at least come and visit for a while.

As soon as we walked in I was jumped on by a bunch of the people who weren’t at the beach when we were last week. They wanted to see “the video”. So poor P and Red were subjected to more ridicule for the first few minutes. It is no wonder that P got out from behind his newly installed bar and headed out into the heat.

A bunch of us grabbed our drinks and followed him out to the Horseshoe Pit in his backyard.  As a bit of back story, I hadn’t lost a match here in over 2 years (I hadn’t lost a match of Ladderball or Horseshoes up until that little 13 year old girl showed me up on the 4th of July).  I owned this game and I talked enough shit to really let everyone know it too.

We paired off and played a few games and, even though I talked a big game, I lost a match to Mike and AC.  It was still a scorcher at around 7pm when we were all out there playing and we couldn’t drink our cocktails fast enough.  P had been making us frozen margaritas and they would actually be warm before you could finish them…yeah, it was THAT hot.

I was completely drenched with sweat by the time our last game rolled around.  Even though my shirt was soaked through and I was getting just devoured by the insects I did pull off a pretty great shot that allowed me to get my title back.  AC got to toss before me and he hit a ringer and his second shot was only a couple inches off the stake.  He would have ended up with 4 points and pretty much sealed up the match.  But I stepped up and tossed and landed a ringer that was leaning up against the stake on top of his (mine is the B horseshoe in the picture).  Instead of him pulling in the 4 points for his team I pulled in 3 and nullified his nice toss.  There was lots of name calling after that.

Deb was starting to feel really crappy right after that so we said our goodbyes and headed home.  As we were driving back to Deb’s I realized that I was pretty shitfaced.  I hadn’t felt like I was all that loaded while we were all standing around in that heat but as soon as the AC kicked on and I sat down I knew I was a bit beyond tipsy.  Deb, even though she was feeling terrible, was still able to laugh at me as I stumbled around and made an ass of myself before we both passed out.  Deb passed out from the exhaustion of 4 days of being sick and I…well, I just passed out from being a drunken mess.

I was really thankful that when I woke up on Sunday there was no sign of a hangover and Deb was finally over her sickness.  She was feeling well enough to hold down solid food for the first time in five days so she made us some breakfast.  I knew she was feeling like her old self when I smelled the bacon.  That sweet, sweet smell of bacon.

So we just spent the day hanging around under the blanket on her couch and making sure that she was back to 100% for work on Monday.  It was a nice and relaxing day.  We didn’t really pay much attention to the thunderstorm that was raging outside in the afternoon.  We barely noticed when the temperature dropped 20 degrees in about 5 minutes.  And we barely noticed the beautiful night that Sunday turned out to be.  But Deb was feeling great when she headed off to work this morning…so it was well worth it.

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July 4th Party on the Potomac

Happy Birthday USA

P and Red

Another year and another great party thrown by P and Red down on the shores of the Potomac.  Our two little party planners really do a great job of getting everyone together and making sure everyone has a great time.  I am sure that none of us thanks them quite enough for all that they do….like getting up and to the spot before 9am to make sure the rest of us have a place to hang the water and in the shade…for the festivities.  Thanks for letting the rest of us sleep in and  wander in on our own schedules….I know Deb and I really appreciate it.

It was another year of temperatures that will melt the soles off your shoes as you make your way down to the party spot.  We took a cab down as close as we could get and then legged it the rest of the way.  It wouldn’t have been a bad walk except for the 80 lbs of ice and drinks in the cooler that I was dragging along behind me.  At 2:30 in the afternoon with the temperature around 95° it wasn’t a bit of fun.  I was really glad that I brought extra shirts with me.

Deb and I had mixed up 2 gallons of White Sangria the night before and we wasted no time in breaking that stuff out once we arrived.  They really turned out AWESOME.  If you are interested in the recipe you can find it here.  The stuff was light and sweet and ice cold and you couldn’t have possibly asked for a better drink on such a hot day.  By the end of the night, except for I think one other person we drank both gallons of the Sangria between the two of us.  We were pretty well done by the end of the night.


The usual cast of characters for any of the parties thrown by P and Red were all there.  Luckily, for all of us, Red’s friend Chad made it to the party from Chicago.  This guy is definitely the life of the party.  When you don’t have Hicks at your party you need someone to take up the slack…and Chad really didn’t disappoint.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone quite as much of a character as this guy.

My hated rival Megan

Cliff and Cat brought Megan with them again this year and I really want to thank them for that (and btw…when you read that last sentence I hope it was dripping with sarcasm…because that is how it was intended).  For the last 2+ years I had a winning streak going at both horseshoes and ladderball.  I was unstoppable.  A force to be reckoned with.  There wasn’t anyone that could even come close to beating me at either game…until Sunday.  Megan, Cliff’s 13 year old daughter, destroyed me not just once…but in three straight games.  Talk about a blow to your ego.  I was even talking shit the whole time to try and make her miss her shots but nothing would phase her.  I am ashamed to have been so totally thrashed by someone who probably is way into Justin Bieber.  Damn you Cliff.

Being sneaky

Even though the area we are partying in is a National Park and both open flames and open containers are strictly forbidden…we don’t let that stop us.  Red brings her “prison grills” and gets them all fired up and the hamburgers start getting pumped out right around the start of the sunset.  But this isn’t without a lot of sneakiness.  P and Red both had the timing of the passing Park Rangers down like they were Steve McQueen trying to escape a Nazi POW camp.  They even had a team of people trying to fan the smoke away from our area….but seriously…it wasn’t


really working.  It was starting to look like our area was participating in the “Legalize it” party that was on the other side of the bridge.  Red was able to cook up most of the burgers before the Rangers descended on our camp.  I honestly think that at least one of those rangers was just looking for a bribe.  Really, click the picture.   Do you think she would pass up a burger…or two?  They did make Red put out the flames but didn’t issue a citation…so at least they were cooler than they had to be.  Thanks ladies.

Such a great place to watch from

We were all pretty well loaded and well fed by the time the fireworks rolled around.  It is amazing how quiet everyone gets when the fireworks kick in.  It is almost like “church quiet” all around you.  At one point I wanted to say something to Deb, who was sitting right beside me, so I leaned over and whispered it to her.  Afterwards I was thinking to myself about how wierd it was that I just did that.  It is pretty strange how reverent everyone gets when the fireworks are blazing up the night sky though.

Who dat?

As soon as the last rocket’s red glare dwindles off into smoke the exodus starts.  People start scrambling back to their cars or to the Metro to get home.  Last year we tried for the metro and just missed them closing the gates.  So we had to call a cab and wait…and wait…and wait.  We didn’t make it home (home being probably about a mile or two away) until 3am.  This year we decided to hang around and get a ride home from some of the other party goers.  Luckily we did stick around too because in doing so I didn’t feel nearly as drunk as I should have.  It is funny how you feel strangely sober when someone else is the one trying to go swimming in the nasty Potomac.  Sure, she said she just wanted to put her foot in the water…but that never leads to anywhere good.

It was yet another great party with some really good people.

Thanks again P and Red for a great time.


Thanks to everyone that came out for making the hot day really enjoyable.

Thanks to Megan for humbling me.

Thanks to Deb’s Aunt J and Uncle B for that cramped and adventurous ride home.

And thanks to Deb for another great year, making that marvelous Sangria and all the bacon.

Happy 234th Uncle Sam…may you enjoy many, many more.

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