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American Idol: Seriously?

Really?  Spellcheck?

I could even cut them a break if this was a live show…but come on now.

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American Idol: Totally Bitter Boyfriend

Another season of American Idol is now underway and I have to say that I am actually kind of impressed.  Going in to this season I, like most people out there, thought that it was just going to suck without Simon.  But Steven Tyler and (begrudgingly) J-Lo have actually been pretty good so far.  Granted, they are still in the Parade of Crazies part of the show and pretty much anyone could judge the talent at this level….but the new additions have actually been entertaining and Tyler keeps making me laugh so that will keep me interested.  But Randy is still Randy.  Useless and irrelevant.

But anyway, the point of my post was about a small part of the show last night.  There were two of the Idol hopefuls that came to audition together.  There have been people who have come in and auditioned together in the past so this was nothing new.  What made this one interesting was that these two were ex’s.  And from the looks of things the guy was really still into the girl while she had already moved on.  You could see that he was still really head over heels for this chick when he looked at her and especially when they sang a little duet together.  Poor guy.

It turned out that both of them were actually talented.  The guy was so much better than that hussy he called his ex but she wasn’t half bad.  They both received the golden ticket to move them on to Hollywood.  And this is when it got a bit awkward.

You know how they get the ticket and then burst through the door to be greeted by Metro-Seacrest and the family and friends of the singers…well the female half of this former couple had an entourage waiting for her while her ex didn’t have anyone waiting for him.  The gaggle of screaming family all jumped on the chick while the guy was forced to move out of the way and over towards Ryan….all alone.  😦  To make matters worse for him was his ex’s new boyfriend that was waiting to congratulate his woman on making it to Hollywood.

Unfortunately, for the new guy, his girl would be moving on to Hollywood with her ex.  You could tell right away that he was just so bitter.  He couldn’t even pretend to be happy for her and you could almost feel the jealousy coming through the TV.  He didn’t even come over to hug his girl…he just stood behind everyone else and glared.   So, so bitter.

Dude, your girl is gone.  Especially after she sees how you reacted to her day in the sun.

As Simon would say, “Sorry.”

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