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Another reason we are going back to Run For Your Lives next year…

Zombie Deb

A little over 3 months ago now, Deb and I were brimming with excitement to get our Zombie on and try to terrorize some runners at the inaugural Run For Your Lives event up near Baltimore. For those that don’t know, Deb and I were zombie volunteers and it was our job to try to “kill” runners during the 5k obstacle course. Unfortunately for us, Deb is the one that got “killed”. What started out as a day of fun turned into a pretty nasty ordeal.

My poor woman was trucked by one of the thousands of runners coming down that crazy hill we were on during the race. What we initially thought was a sprained ankle turned out to be a pretty bad break. The trooper that Deb is, she walked on that broken ankle back to the volunteer’s staging area, through the throngs of partying/drunk people who had finished the run, and to the long line to get on the bus to get back to the car without much complaint. Had our situations been reversed….had I been the one with the messed up leg, there would have been no walking anywhere. One of those bastards would have carted me to an ambulance and I would have been in the emergency room with tears in my eyes. I am a pussy. My chick is not.
It turned out that not only was the leg broken but it was broken so bad it needed to be surgically repaired. A titanium plate and 6 screws were required to hold my girl’s leg in place so it could heal. Luckily she has a great job where she can recuperate while working from home and that she had someone with nothing better to do so I was able to be her live-in care giver. Over the 85 days since her little mishap I have been only away from her for 2 nights: Thanksgiving and Christmas. And over the one night during Thanksgiving she slipped and fell in the kitchen and it was very close to a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” moment.

But after her surgery and physical therapy, Deb is finally able to put some weight on her leg now. She is still in a boot and on crutches but getting a little better every day. She can now get around using one crutch and she is excited to do things like get a glass of water on her own now. Her leg still swells up like that is it’s job when she is up on it for long but in a week or two she should be out of the boot and back in shoes…and that is making her giddy with anticipation.

If there was one bright spot for Deb during this period of injury it has been when anyone asked her, “So…how did you hurt your leg?” Most people are asking and expecting a typical “slipped on ice” or “missed a stair” broken leg story. And when she gives her, “I was run over when I was a Zombie” response everyone…and I mean everyone…has to dig deeper and hear the entire story. Everyone from the surgeon to her cat’s veterinarian have been amazed by the story and even a few of them have said that they want to go next year. If someone could go through this much shit and still talk about the fun they had it must be awesome.

And pretty much everyone has been on the Zombie bandwagon this holiday season. Deb pretty much had a Zombie Christmas this year. There was the tree covered in Zombie ornaments:

And I think she received Zombie gifts of one kind or another from just about everyone. She got a Zombie plush doll (which is now in her office):

A Zombie cookie jar that, oddly enough, really matches her kitchen pretty well:

And Zombie books, bumper stickers, candy, and car freshener (but it wasn’t the dead body smell we were hoping for):

And just when we thought that the Zombie gifts had stopped rolling in there appeared a package at our front door yesterday. It was a care package from the folks at Reed Street Productions (those nice folks that brought us Run For Your Lives). You see, back in early November I had sent an email to their staff explaining what happened to Deb. In the email I explained that because of Deb’s injury we were unable to stick around after our Zombie shift and try and grab some souvenirs from our experience. I asked if they had anything left from race day that we could have or buy from them so that Deb could have something to frame or put in a scrapbook (the scrapbook that she keeps saying she is going to make but I doubt ever will get made). I had pretty much given up on hearing back from these guys because I sent the email back when they were getting crushed with emails from angry people the week or so after the race. But when we opened the box we found a nice little letter from the RFYL team:

And with the letter there were a couple of race medals that went out to the people that ran in the race, a bit of the RFYL police tape and a little Zombie rescue kit (which is freakin’ awesome) for Deb to add to her Zombie collection at work:

This little gift was unexpected and greatly appreciated.  It really brightened up Deb’s smile yesterday as we went through the box.  While we had both really wanted to come back next year (Deb is just gonna be a spectator and take pictures this time around though) it is the attention to detail and the care that these guys show for their customers/participants that is bringing us back again for sure now.

Thanks Guys!  See you next year.

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Newt, Some Reese’s Puffs and a Kung Fu Panda Toy

Yesterday one of my theories about Newt was confirmed:  she is exactly like a little kid.

Remember how excited you were to find the toy surprise in a box of cereal when you were a kid?  Well, yesterday as I poured myself a bowl a Reese’s Puffs (hell yea Reese’s Puffs…they are freakin’ delicious) the toy surprise fell out into my bowl and Newt was immediately curious and trying to get at it.

Oh and btw, do any of you ever remember the toy just falling out of the box into your bowl?  I sure don’t.  I remember having to dig around in the cereal…with my grubby hands…until I could find the toy.  This one had to be just sitting on the top of the cereal in the box because I had just opened the new box of cereal and was pouring the first bowl when it just plopped into my bowl.  That would have never happened when I was a kid.

Anyway, so I opened up the toy and it was a Kung Fu Panda shooting-spinny thingie (that is the technical name too).

Because I no longer have the brain of an 8 year old or an Engineer  it took me way longer than it should have to figure out how to get the toy to work.  But when I finally did, Newt and I spent the better part of the day playing with the thing.  I would shoot it and she would chase it down.  She is almost to the point of fetching it and bringing it back to me now.  I am gonna turn her into a dog yet.

She is scared of the sound it makes when I wind it up but she is slowly getting used to it and no longer running and hiding every time I start to wind the toy up anymore.  Ripley doesn’t really know what to make of the thing and is constantly looking down her nose at Newt.  Chasing shit across the house is way beneath her.

It always surprises me though that the simplest things are the cat’s best friends.  Not that expensive toy you bought…it is the box it came in that the cat will like.

So thank you Reese’s Puffs…both for being delicious and for giving me a few hours of entertainment with the cat.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This is one of my favorite pics ever.  I wish I had a better camera on hand when I took it but the shitty camera on my old phone was all I had.  This was how I woke up one morning.  It made me happy in a sappy “bring a tear to my eye” kind of way with both Ripley and Deb all snuggled up on me and dead to the world.


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Memorial Day Weekend in Reedville and Tangier Island

It was early Monday morning, a little over a week ago, when Deb sent me a text asking if I would like to go down to her Aunt and Uncle’s place for the holiday weekend.  Their place was supposedly on the water and with Deb’s love of water I really couldn’t say no.  Spending four days with people I have only met a couple of times really had me a bit nervous.  I was afraid that we would run out of topics of conversation in the first couple of hours and then we would just be stuck there…amidst awkward silence…for the better part of 4 days.

Oh, and Deb failed to mention to me (until we were on the road down there) that cellphone service was spotty and/or non-existent there.  Oh great.  I had almost forgotten what it was like before I always had a cellphone in my hand and immediate access to the intrawebs.  And as we started out our long trek down to Reedville, Virginia I thought I was going to go through withdrawals.

Our weekend didn’t start all that well either.  On our way down there we were stopped in our tracks by an accident that completely closed the road we were on.  I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just a sign of things to come.  So we had to backtrack and take about an hour detour out-of-the-way to get back on course.  But we did get back on track and made it down to Reedville early in the afternoon on Friday.

I realized, within about 30 minutes of being there, that I had nothing to be nervous about.  Her Aunt and Uncle were very laid back and easy people with which to hold both fun and interesting conversations.  And their place was really amazing too.  Right on the water with a pier leading out to their boat.

Bob, Deb’s Uncle, offered up a cold beer and we headed out to their porch to just enjoy the beautiful afternoon and hang out for a bit.

It was during our time hanging out on the porch that I met Belle.  Belle is their little chihuahua.  Now I am a dog person but I have never been a big fan of the little yippy dogs.  But until a couple of years ago I wasn’t a big fan of cats either…so I decided to make friends with her.  But of course I was informed that she doesn’t really warm up to guys that much and I shouldn’t be offended when she doesn’t want to be my friend.  I took that as a challenge and by the end of the weekend she was my best buddy.

I have been around a lot of dogs in my days and I have seen just about every kind of dog personality out there…but I have never seen a dog go so batshit crazy for food as this little girl.  She absolutely loses her mind when there is food (or even just the prospect of food) around.  She just loses her mind and I have never seen a dog that begs quite like her.  It is the cutest thing.

Here…take a look at what I mean:

Deb and her Aunt, Kaylene, made us some great Jalapeno Margaritas and tasty Mojitos that first night.

They were so good that we kept having them make them all weekend long.  Mmmmm…I wish I had one right now.

Saturday was just a day for relaxing.  We went out to eat and got a tour of the area surrounding their place.  It is pretty country down there.  One of those places where everyone knows everyone else.  But we pretty much just relaxed on that big back porch and sucked down drinks until it got dark and we all got sleepy.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed to the ferry to Tangier Island.  The island is about 15 miles out into the Chesapeake Bay and the only way to the place is by boat or plane.  The ride is an hour and a half just to get there.  The place is pretty tiny.  There are no cars (just lots of golf carts) and it seems that the only jobs on the island are in a couple of restaurants, a gift shop or two or you are a fisherman.  Not lots of career options in a place that small.

Once we got to the island it was really strange.  If there weren’t golf carts all over the place it would be like you stepped back in time.  All of the houses are small and close together like they were before you needed wide roads for cars.  And because the island is so small there aren’t any room for cemeteries.  So the kinsfolk are buried in their yards.

That was just creepy.  We started joking about how this tiny island was the kind of place that would be the ideal setting for a horror movie.  A movie where a small group of tourists come to the island and all the locals are all real friendly during the day.  But when those tourists miss their ferry back to the mainland and have to stay there over night everything changes.  Those once friendly Tangerines would don cloaks and head out to one of the marshy little areas of the island and start worshiping their pagan gods and sacrificing stranded tourists.  Those graves would then open up and their vampire/zombie relatives would spring forth to devour anyone caught outside after dark.

We were laughing it up as we walked around the island and throwing out all kinds of scenarios where these peaceful people were really evil.  I remember seeing this cute little girl sitting on her front stoop inside a yard that was surrounded by a chain link fence as I turned to Deb to throw out another possible movie twist.  When I turned back, and I swear it had to be just a second or two, this little blond and pigtailed girl was now standing right up next to the fence not more than a foot away from me.

“I caught a dragonfly,” she whispered to me in a way that just made my skin crawl.  And then she reached out her hands that had a hold of a dragonfly by it’s wings, “Do you want to see my dragonfly?”

I must have looked funny as hell as I started stumbling away from that fence, shaking my head and barely eeking out, “No, I am good.”

Everyone was laughing at me as we slowly walked away from that yard and the pouty face on that little girl.  I know, I am a big puss for being scared of that little girl.  But blame it on our conversation.  Or blame it on every scary movie I have ever seen with some psycho kid in it.  All I could think of was what would have happened had I reached for that dragonfly.  I pictured my arm reaching through that fence and suddenly that child’s mouth opening impossibly wide, her jaws unhinging to show 3 rows of razor sharp teeth.  And me only pulling back a stump.

The rest of the weekend, between snorts and chortles, all I kept hearing was, “You should have taken the dragonfly.”

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful.  We stopped at Hilda Crockett’s for lunch.

They serve up an amazing family style lunch.  The crabcake balls and the clam fritters were delish.  I am not a fan of cream corn so I didn’t really dig the Corn Pudding but everyone else was oohing and aahing about how great it was.

We wandered around the island for an hour or so after lunch before we had to take the ferry back to the mainland.  Here are some of my favorite pics that Deb took while we were there:

And then this one last pic from Tangier Island that we all found kind of funny.  Is there really a need for seatbelts on a golf cart?  I wonder if anyone ever got pulled over for not wearing their seatbelt.

Once we got back to Kaylene and Bob’s house I realized that I was sunburned.  And I mean really sunburned.  My face, arms and legs were bright red and almost immediately painful.  Of course I was the only one that had even the littlest hint of a burn.

“You should’ve taken the Dragonfly.”

On the last day of our visit we got to go out on the boat.  I even pretended to lend a hand and it even looks like I know what I am doing with that rope.

It was incredibly hot and I was in a whole bunch of pain from the sunburn but the day was lots of fun even though I had to spend most of it hiding from the sun.

As long as we kept the boat moving it was a comfortable trip into the Bay and up one of the many rivers in the area (I just don’t remember which one we traveled up exactly).  But as soon as we stopped it was like we were being cooked.  So the trip, while fun, was cut a bit short from the heat.  But Deb really had fun taking pictures.

It was a great couple of days down there in the Northern Neck.  Deb and I had a great time.

Many thanks to our hosts Bob and Kaylene…and of course Belle for a great weekend.

Oh…and I almost forgot.  When we got back to DC on Tuesday afternoon the AC was on the fritz.  It was 98 degrees outside and in the 80s in the condo.

I should’ve taken the dragonfly.

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The Best of The Rally To Restore Sanity/Fear

What a beautiful day for a Rally down on the Mall.  You could not have asked for better weather to be out and about with a couple hundred thousand of your closest friends.  So how could Deb and I pass up the opportunity to be right down in the middle of the fun.  There were so many people down there that at times it really felt a bit claustrophobic.

While we didn’t actually see the stage…we did hear Ozzy singing Crazy Train.

This is as close as we could get to the stage (the part in color)

But we really didn’t care about getting to see the stage.  We were just there to be part of the awesome event with the better half of our nation…you know, the ones not in the same general area for the Hatemonger Rally a couple months back.  The whole vibe was just something special.

The signs that people were carrying were just awesome and here were some of the best that we saw down there…

Fear the Amish


The cake guy and his kid
The Big Sign
The Hell Beast
Touch Myself and The Witch
Where The Heart Is
Praise Cheezus
My favorite sign
She wants Jon to stick it in her
The end isn’t as near as we thought
Any chance to bash Beck is fine by me

I think my favorite groups of “protestors” were this Star Wars trio.  Is it wrong that I find Han Solo really kinda sexy?

And then my other favorite were the Zombies:

But my favorite pics of the day were of the Superhero taking a break from his hard life of fighting crime to just come to DC and take a minute or two to himself:

And then, of course, the one of my lady:

Yeah, yeah…I know, pure cheese.  But it is true.

It was a great day though.  Kudos to you Mr. Stewart and Colbert for a great day out on the Mall.


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What in the world is going on with this Statue?

Earlier this year Deb went to Brazil for a business trip.  She took thousands of pictures and she had been procrastinating going through all of them until this week.  She finally started uploading the pictures she took while in Sao Paulo and sending them out to her friends and family.  As I was going through the pictures I came across this statue and I did a literal double take.  At first, because I am such a freakin’ Beavis, i just chuckled at the name “Statue of a Missionary”… I know, very mature of me.    But then when I looked at the picture I started laughing.  I immediately called Deb up to ask her about the picture and she had no clue why I was laughing.  So I obviously was seeing something different than her.  So here is the picture….

Tell me that doesn’t look like Father Bad-Touch is showing his junk off to that startled little girl.  I realized, after a few minutes, that he was holding what is probably the crucifix but that wasn’t what my eyes were telling me at first glance.

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Ripley the Cat chases a dog….sort of.

Last night, while Deb was cooking us dinner, Ripley decided to investigate the TV for the first time.  There was a dog climbing a fence on America’s Funniest Home Videos and for some reason this really grabbed the cat’s attention.  She was sitting in front of the TV and yelling at the dog for a while and it was really cracking me up.  I called Deb in to check her out and then grabbed my camera.

She didn’t disappoint.  I love how she checks behind the TV for the dog at the end.

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