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Happy Birthday Angus! How Can You Be Six Already!?!

I really can’t believe that my nephew, Angus, turned six today.  It really does seem like just yesterday that this little guy came into the world and made me realize that I didn’t actually hate ALL kids.  I really do love the short stack and was glad to be able to head down to Richmond today to spend some time with him.

I got in the car and headed down there early so that I could spend the whole day with the birthday boy.  He was really happy to see me when I got there too.  I love how he can just sit and look at you as though he is drinking you in and taking note of every detail and filing it away in his special little brain to be able to go back there later.

Because his little brother was off at school we had a rare afternoon where Angus got to be the center of attention.  So he got to open his Star Wars and Avatar toys that I brought him without the little bro’s grubby hands grabbing at his new loot.  And he really can don the cheeseball smile when he sets his mind to it.

We got to hang out and watch a little of his new Justice League DVDs.

And even his Mommy, my kid sister, got to open up her birthday gift from me (Her birthday was on the 12th so…Happy Birthday yo!).

After a few hours Noah got home from school and the Birthday Boy had to share his new loot with his little brother.  There wasn’t even much of a struggle this time either.  Angus is getting really good at sharing.

Soon after the arrival of Noah and his Daddy, the rest of the guests started to arrive for the birthday party.  This was going to be the neighborhood kids along with his Grandma and cousin.  My sister setup the kiddie pool for the kids to play in…

And the Slip N Slide for them to try and injure themselves on…

I am not sure who had more fun with all the water toys though:  the kids or the “grown-ups”.  When the next door neighbors got in a wrestling match and both ended up in the pool that was a real highlight of the party.  But even though the kids were having so much fun playing…like every kid’s party…everything stopped when the cake was brought out.  This year Angus even let everyone sing Happy Birthday and he blew out his candles with no help.

It was really heartwarming to see how far he has grown over the last year.  He had meltdowns or just became really uncomfortable being the center of attention when everyone tried to sing Happy Birthday in previous years.  It was great to just see him so happy and smiling after he blew out those candles.

It really does melt my heart on days like this to see the Angus so beaming and happy.  Even more so to see him being so social and just having fun with his friends.  I know that a few years ago even something that seems so easy to most of us…like hangin’ with our friends…wasn’t a given for the kid.  So it really does make me proud of how far he has come already.  It really just goes to show how much care and love he is getting from his parents and his teachers.  Great job Holly and Tony.

Thanks for having me down to spend the day with the guys.

Happy Birthday Angus!

Oh..and I almost forgot…this toy that Angus got as a gift…Tell me the guy that designed it doesn’t drive a Porsche.

Ummm..yeah...Sorry about the penis.

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The Legwarmers

On March 20th a group of the usual suspects headed to the State Theater to see The Legwarmers. For those of you that don’t know them, The Legwarmers are an 80s tribute band. If you can get to a show I highly recommend that you do as it is an amazing time. Everyone gets dressed up in some kind of 80s costume, drinks way too much and dances and sings the night away. The band really does play just about anything and everything from the 80s; from Rick Springfield‘s “Jessie’s Girl” to Van Halen‘s “Panama” they really do play everything. There really isn’t a song that they play that you won’t be singing along with and realizing that you pretty much know all the words (which is kind of scary).

The reason we all were getting together in the first place was to help celebrate Red’s birthday (and it just so happened that it was also Cliff’s birthday too) so we started out at Red and Supe’s place for a bit of pregame. It was here that we realized who the real star of the show would be this night when Woody showed up dressed like Richard Simmons.

Takes a real set of balls to show up someplace dressed like that. Kudos Woody.

We were all pretty liquored up already as we piled into the cabs to head to the show. Of course we had to get there early to be the first in line for when the doors open. We pretty much take over a small section of The State when we are there and we need to get there early to stake out the area.

So we got in pretty quickly and moved to our little area and started working our way through their beer and liquor stores. I think that pretty much everyone ended up pretty shitfaced.

Once we got inside everyone wanted their picture taken with Woody. Is that George Michael?

Once the band started playing everyone was singing…

….Rachel and Red are really going for it here…but the funny part is Woody’s face..he looks tickled almost as pink as his purse…

Then everyone started dancing…

….or if you are Rick you just try to dry-hump Woody….

The show was great and when it was over most of us no longer had much of a voice left and were way to drunk to be driving. Luckily, Super P had arranged a party bus for our ride home. But what we didn’t know was that there was going to be pole dancing for our entertainment on the ride home…

…poor drunk Cliffy just trying to take a bit of a nap.

Another successful trip to The Legwarmers.

Can’t wait til we do it again next year.

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