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Dr Pepper Ten’s 23 Flavor Combination?

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this commercial the other night:

Dr. Pepper has been around for over 100 years now. A big part of their marketing over those 100+ years has always been that the unique taste comes from a unique 23 flavor combination.  And now they have come out with “Dr. Pepper Ten”, a 10 calorie version of the drink that is supposed to be just for men.  I have no idea why the good folks over at the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group think that a 10 calorie drink is more manly than the zero calories in the already available Diet Dr. Pepper.  The only thing I can think of is that they have modified the 23 flavors to be more mantastic.

So after consulting with several highly trained theoretical faux scientists and spending countless hours breaking down this new beverage to a molecular level, we have determined what those 23 flavors are that make up Dr. Pepper Ten.  As you can see from the results…there is a reason that only men will like this drink.

The 23 Manly Flavors

1.  Bacon
2.  Sweat
3.  Dirt
4.  Football
5.  Old Spice
6.  Steak
7.  Beer
8.  Motor Oil
9.  Sawdust
10. Denim
11.  Fire
12.  Farts
13.  Explosives
14.  Porn
15.  Guns
16.  Socket Wrench Set
17.  BBQ Grill
18.  A DVD Copy of Braveheart and/or The Godfather
19.  Crowbar
20.  A big scar with a good story behind it
21.  WD40
22.  Fresh Cut Grass
23.  And last but not least…Vagina

So go buy some if you think you can handle it.
Pour yourself a nice tall glass with some ice.
Kick back, close your eyes and take a sip….
See if you can taste the manliness.

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