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Lethal Weapon: From Superbadassery to Batshit Crazy

Recently, while nursing a hangover and not really wanting to move from the couch, I was channel surfing and came across Lethal Weaponjust as it was beginning.  I had not watched this classic in years.  So I dug deeper into the couch and settled in for an enjoyable two hours of one of my favorite movies of all time.  it is just one of those movies that everyone loves, Deb even came in and watched it from beginning to end with me.

One thing that really hit me while watching was how much the years have not been kind to Riggs and Mr. Joshua.
Both of these guys were believable as the super tough, kung-fu fighting, ex-military bad ass mofos.  Their fight scene at the end of the movie is still one of the best and realistic ever filmed.
But how did those two tough guys turn into these two guys?
It is sad what time and the loss of brain cells has done to these two.  If I was forced, back in the 80s,  to pick which of the two stars of Lethal Weapon would go on to be a whacked out nutjob I can tell you that Gibson would have lost out to Glover in a heartbeat.  And Busey is beyond crazy.  Sometimes his ramblings are so insane that I feel that he totters on the edge of genius…but then I see that blank look on his face and realize, “Nah, it is just crazy”.
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