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Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Comfort: It is what Ripley provides.


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Sunday (havin’ a good time)

So last weekend I found the Songify App.  Deb and I had just finished breakfast when I made a little song about our lazy Sunday.  It has been cracking us up all week I thought I would put some pictures with it and share.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This is one of my favorite pics ever.  I wish I had a better camera on hand when I took it but the shitty camera on my old phone was all I had.  This was how I woke up one morning.  It made me happy in a sappy “bring a tear to my eye” kind of way with both Ripley and Deb all snuggled up on me and dead to the world.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

This week’s photo challenge was simply “tiny”.  I went through some of my pics and couldn’t settle on just one so I went with a few:

The Bobblehead of Me

Tiny Me

This is the custom-made bobblehead of me as Han Solo that my lady had made for my birthday.  How cool is that?

Power Outages are Funny

Tiny Little Power Outage

Coming home from H Street Country Club we found this little gem. How funny is it that the “Uni” is not working on that sign?  The tiniest little power outage made this freakin’ funny.

Tiny Birds, Big Concentration

Tiny Birds, Big Concentration

 The birds, bugs and squirrels on that Catsitter DVD may be tiny…but these two have a lot of patience.

Tiny Bit of Frustration

Tiny Bit of Frustration

 Newt was having a grand ole time playing with her toy until it shot up and landed on top of the door from which it was hanging.  She sat up on the steps trying to figure out how to get at it and letting out tiny whimpers of frustration every few minutes until I got it down for her.

Tiny Little Heartbreaker

Tiny Little Heartbreaker

Sometimes Ripley just can’t get close enough to Deb.  In those moments she is the tiniest little heartbreaker.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

Away from the constant attacks of her little sister Newt.

Ripley takes refuge in a paper bag.

The peace and quiet was short lived as I showed up with a flashing camera, poor thing.



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Weekend of Cute with Ripley and Newt

Since it was so cold this weekend we spent most of it wrapped up in blankets on the couch.  Ripley and Newt decided that they would entertain us with their seemingly endless displays of cuteness while we were trying to stay warm.

On Saturday I threw in the Catsitter DVD and the girls sat in front of the TV and were both enthralled by the mice, birds, bugs and fish on the screen.  Newt lost interest after a few minutes but Ripley would have sat and watched all day long if I had let her.

Then on Sunday, while I was trying to have a bit of privacy in the restroom, the two little troublemakers decided to slam into the door, knock it open and invite themselves in.  They proceeded to fence with each other from opposite sides of the door.  When I finally said something to the girls they both looked up at me with that “We weren’t doin’ nuthin” looks on their faces.

These two have definitely won my heart.


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The Weekend: Bacon, Caps and Cats

This weekend was a pretty good one.

With Ripley feeling better from our scare earlier in the week Deb and I spent Friday night just hanging out and watching some movies. Newt was really acting cute as she was hanging out on the keyboards:

And then moving to under the Christmas tree (yep, it is still up):

And being her usual mischievous self, jumping into the washing machine as soon as the door is opened:

On Saturday, thanks to Red and P having other obligations, Deb and I took Grandma Jim and Grandma Mary to the Caps game. The Caps really looked sluggish during the first period but turned it on towards the end of the game. Ovechkin‘s goal was pretty sick too as he was pretty much flying through the air when he scored. It is always better to go to the game when they win.

Both Ripley and Newt were happy to have us home after the game:

This morning we got up and went to Restaurant 3 for brunch. This place is the place to go if you are crazy for bacon like we are (thanks to Danielle for reminding me about this joint). We started off with Bacon Bloody Mary’s:

The Bloody Mary is made with bacon infused vodka and a big thick slice of bacon for a garnish. For brunch Deb had the Eggs Nova Scotia and I had the Graceland Waffle:

It was really delicious. A Bacon Studded Waffle (and we are talking huge chunks of bacon), Brown Sugar Glazed Bananas, in a Peanut Butter/Caramel Sauce. Mmmmmm. If you are ever in Clarendon for brunch you should check this place out. And if you are ever there for dinner make sure you get desert: Bacon Studded Waffle with Maple Bacon Ice Cream.

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Poor Little Ripley

Last night, when Deb got home, she couldn’t find Ripley.  Usually, as soon as the door opens, Ripley is right at your feet.  But last night she was nowhere to be found.  Even shaking the treat bag didn’t bring her running.  After searching the house Deb found her on the bed in the spare bedroom…and Ripley never goes in there.  She barely raised her head to even look at Deb as she entered the room.

Something was wrong.

Ripley is the most vocal animal I have ever been around and she was making no sounds.  Usually all you have to do is lightly touch her and she starts up her incredibly loud purring.  But there was nothing.

All Ripley wanted was to hide and be left alone.  Even when you put treats (which are normally like crack to a crackhead) in front of her face she had no reaction.

Something was definitely wrong.

We loaded up Ripley in the car and head off to the Caring Hands Animal Hospital.  The doctor did a thorough examination, took X-rays and performed blood work but couldn’t find anything wrong.  She did give Rip a shot of some antibiotics and pain meds because she could see that she was in pain and told Deb that if she wasn’t better by morning to bring her back.

Luckily, Ripley was already purring again by the time we got home.  I pulled out a bag of her treats and she ran over to me and starting yelling up at me to give her some.  Deb was so relieved to see her cat acting like her cat that the waterworks started (such a soft heart on this one).
Rip was still groggy and not herself for the rest of the night but by this morning she was back to being the Ripley that we know and love.  She woke up and yelled at Deb to feed her and actually started eating.  And by the time we were up and ready to leave she was playing with her toys and even jumping up on her perch in the front window.

What a relief.

Hope she is still feeling better when Deb gets home tonight.


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The Sunday Morning Smackdown

Ripley decided to sit in a chair near the window.  Newt decided to try and rip off Ripley’s tail that was hanging off the chair.  This is the result:

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New Kitten Update: Week One with Newt

The week started out rough as Ripley was definitely not a big fan of Newt coming into her home and disrupting her peaceful environment.  But as the week progressed the two girls slowly started to get to know each other and by the end of the week Ripley was at least tolerating Newt’s presence.   Now, midway though the second week, it seems they are starting to becoming fast friends.

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