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What is worse than a murder in your neighborhood? Pat Collins coming to report on it.

Lucky me, I had Pat Collins, King of the Douchiest of the Douchebag Reporters, in my neighborhood today:

Sorry about that shitty video quality but the report came on right as I was turning on the TV and i just stood there and recorded it with my phone.

You can read about the craziness here if you would like the actual story.

Last night when we were heading home from the Redskins game we didn’t even really give much thought to all the cop cars sitting at the end of the block.  I know that I even said, as we drove passed the area, that the cops were probably just there breaking up a Redskins party that was going a little later (and louder) than was initially planned for a Sunday night.  It was not until this afternoon that I found out what actually happened:  One guy killed another guy and both of these dudes live within a block of me.  And the whole thing was over a fucking speedbump.  You read that right….a SPEEDBUMP.

But to make matters worse, NBC4 sent Pat Collins out here to my neighborhood to add his own little theatrics to the melodrama.  If you don’t know about my hate for this guy, you can read about it here because I don’t really want to get into all of that again.  I just don’t understand why this guy is still on the local news of a major market.

I feel bad for those involved in the tragic events that happened just down the block but my hatred for this asshat apparently runs so deep that it overshadows everything else that happened here overnight.

I hate you Pat Collins.

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