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Roger Waters, The Wall and the Phone Booth on 10/10/10

Being a child of the 80s, I can vividly remember listening to my cassette tapes of The Wall over and over until the tapes just wore themselves out.  I remember watching the movie and having my mind blown.  I also remember that when I bought my first CD player one of the first albums that I bought on CD was The Wall.

So when we heard that Roger Waters was coming to the Verizon Center in DC to perform the entire album we knew we had to go see it.  Lucky for all of us, Red had her usual fantastic seats available for the show and invited Deb and I to join her (and P) for the show.  A great concert is even better when the tickets are really good….and free.  People were shelling out really big bucks to go to this show on Stubhub too.

The show really was incredible.  Watching the Wall being built throughout the entire first half of the show and then come crumbling down at the end was really amazing.

The visuals of the concert were just awesome and I took a few videos during the show to let everyone know just how cool it really was.  Through this first video you can see the stage hands continuing to build the wall throughout the first half of the show and some of the really brilliant visuals.  Mama was especially creepy.

The second video goes through most of the second half of the show.  Intermission started as the final brick of the Wall was put into place.  After the intermission one section of the wall popped out and was a small living room where Roger sat in a Lazy-boy and watched TV while singing….

This third video was from a really emotional part of the show.  The videos and images that were playing up on the fully built wall during Vera and Bring the Boys Back Home really did tug at the heart.  I know there were quite a few tears in the crowd during these two songs….I know when I looked over at Deb she was choking them back…

The last video here is of the end of the show (Waiting for the Worms, Stop and The Trial).  I love these last few songs from the album and P and I were even talking about wanting to hear these songs in particular and too see how Roger would perform them.  It really did raise the hairs on my arms hearing the entire arena chanting “Tear Down the Wall!” before the wall did come crashing down.

One of the low points of the night was right around intermission.  Poor P had this rather large gentleman sitting on his left that probably could have used two seats and this chick behind him that felt the need to remove her shoes and put her nasty bare feet up on the top of his seat.  He was not pleased as you can tell from the shot below.

I really enjoyed every minute of the show and it really did just fly by.  The whole experience was something that I am glad we did not miss and would love to do again someday.  I really started to feel guilty about half the way through the night when a whole portion of the show seemed to be dedicated to the evil of capitalism and symbolized by the Iphone/Ipod marketing machine.  And there I was just snapping pics and taking videos on mine.  Oh well.  Here are a bunch of the pics from the night:

Thanks for another fun night P, Red and Deb.

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Two More Reasons To Never Leave The House If You Live In The DC Metro

Today started off pretty good…until I opened my email and found two different articles emailed to me by two different people that just made me cringe.  So thanks for really screwing up my breakfast this morning guys…I really do appreciate it.

If you are one of those people that really do feel that ignorance is bliss I highly suggest you stop reading now…..And don’t complain to me if you keep on reading after you have been warned.


The first article is from today’s Washington Post Metro section.  There was a study done by some college students that compared water from the Chesapeake Bay with water from a toilet:

Not Ty-D-Bol-blue fresh water, but some seriously dirty water — the kind that has marinated a substantial load of its intended contents for four hours without being flushed.

They found that after a rainstorm, the Chesapeake water is 6 times nastier than the dirty toilet water.  Feel like going swimming yet?  As an FYI:

In its water quality reports, the Anne Arundel County Department of Health explains that, for safe swimming, there shouldn’t be more than 35 bacterial colonies for every 100 milliliters of water in samples that are tested weekly.

One of the areas tested had 40 colonies per 100 milliliters on an average day.  Because I am good at math I deduced that 40 is more than 35 so this is bad all by itself.  But then these students tested that same area after a rainstorm and found 1752 colonies.  Yeah, that isn’t a typo.  And that disgusting toilet water…well it had 268 colonies.

So it appears to be safer to be the guy in here (which btw was me…and it wasn’t funny):

Than to be doing this:

So next time you are deciding to head to one of the beaches around the area to cool off during the dog days of summer remember this:  Go use the can and then splash some of that toilet water on your face and it might be cleaner and safer for you.

Mmmm Yummy

The second article just makes me even more anxious for hockey season to start (Let’s Go Caps!).  ESPN did a story on their show Outside the Lines about concession stands in all 107 stadiums used by every team in the MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA.  The initial article that was sent to me was from CNN and I was filled with pride for our local Verizon Center as I read the article.  The story is about the numerous health code violations at every stadium in the country:

Inspectors found employees who do not wash their hands, food stored at the wrong temperature and past their expiration dates and cockroaches, just to name a few.

The Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. was one of the worst. It was reported as having 100% of vendors in violation, with mouse droppings found at at least 10 different vendors.

Hungry Yet?

100% of the vendors were in violation?  Seriously?  Not a single one of them got by without a violation.  So if you had some food at the Verizon Center anytime over the last year you should feel pretty proud if you didn’t get food poisoning.

Mmmmm….I can’t wait for the season to start now.  Chicken fingers and Nachos for everyone.  I know that I am going to be making sure to stop off at the Capital Grille before the games this season and NEVER stop at a vendor inside the stadium except to grab a drink.  I don’t think the rats can get inside those Bud bottles can they?

So NEVER swim in the Chesapeake and NEVER eat at the Verizon Center.

You can thank me later.

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